This TikTok-Famous Skincare Headband Will Probably Sell Out Before You Finish Reading

It even comes with a spa-like cleansing balm.

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Love Language Daily Cleansing Ritual Tout

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After becoming Internet-famous across TikTok and other social media platforms, Versed can never hang onto its viral skincare headband for long. The bubble-shaped terry cloth headband, meant for keeping your hair back from your face as you perform your skincare routine (and dolling up your outfits), is so popular that the brand limits your purchase to two per order—and still sells out in minutes. But act fast! Versed just restocked the headband in a limited-edition pink colorway as part of its “Love Language” Valentine’s Day bundle. The package includes the headband and its best-selling Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm, so it’s sure to disappear quickly. In fact, you may want to hit check out before you finish reading.

Love Language Daily Cleansing Ritual


To buy: $35;

The headband is no longer available to buy on the site. Versed relies on speedy, exclusive drops and doling out the accessory via its member rewards program. I lucked out when I bought my headband over Black Friday (my first priority!) as an add-on, forcing my shopping cart to go over a certain amount to qualify for the purchase simply because I was itching to have the accessory in my possession. I had a crush on the headband for months but could never quite make it to the website before it sold out again. The brand speeds through its headband restocks so quickly that it even had to create an FAQ page for those seeking to buy it.

Why is the Good Hair Day Bubble Headband so popular? Well, it looks adorable to start, inspiring fashionistas to style it in the course of their daily outfits. It adds that extra little luxury to your skincare routine that many crave in a wind-down ritual. And it makes washing your face that much easier.

Personally, I’m a reluctant face washer. I’m more of a “makeup wipe and pray” or one-product routine person because I’m often tired by the time I do my skincare. I also hate the feeling of splashing water onto my face à la cleanser commercials and getting my hair wet in the process. The skincare headband has inspired me to be much more thorough in my routine because I can keep my product where it’s supposed to be, and I love the way the headband looks in the mirror. Often, I find myself regularly wearing it around the house instead of pulling my hair back in a ponytail when I need to focus.

When the restock email hit my inbox, my stomach dropped. I immediately texted my siblings, mother, and friends, before coming to our readers to share the good news.



To buy: $35;

The Day Dissolve cleansing balm almost feels like an afterthought in this bundle, but is powerful enough to be worth the buy itself. This cleansing balm allows you to take off your makeup and moisturize at the same time, with a creamy, milky texture that feels soothing and hydrating against your skin. Per Versed’s ethos, the formula’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist tested. The eucalyptus oil infusion adds to the spa-like experience.

The famous Versed headband makes a fantastic gift—although the brand limits your purchase so that nobody stockpiles the in-demand buy—so it’s no surprise that it launched a Valentine’s Day bundle in a limited-edition colorway to stoke the frenzy. 

Upgrade your cleansing routine with the “Love Language” bundle to enjoy both the headband (in a rare pink colorway!) and matching Day Dissolve cleansing balm for just $35.

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