Quick! This Never-On-Sale Hair Care Line Was Magic for My Hair Loss, and It’s 40% Off Today Only

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Vegamour Gro Full Routine Kit Tout

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I started losing hair after my grandma passed away last summer. We were extremely close, and the hospice period had been painful, stressful, and exhausting. When my hair started to show my grief, it was the last straw. I’d just lost someone I loved—did I really have to take a blow to my appearance and confidence too? Immediately, I ordered Vegamour’s Gro Full Routine Kit

I’d never spent this much on hair products in my life, but I was in full panic mode. As a shopping writer, I encounter dozens of hair products through my network and email inbox—but Vegamour was the one that every other reviewer I knew swore by, hailing the brand as the golden standard for hair loss. And today only, capping off a rarely-seen-before sale, you can save up to 40 percent off its exclusive sets.

GRO Full Routine Kit


To buy: $161 (was $268); vegamour.com.

I keep my hair long and lush, fondly calling it my mermaid mane. It’s tangly, wavy, and can never quite decide if it wants to cooperate with me on a given day, and I care a lot about keeping its volume and strands intact. The color-safe Gro Full Routine kit, decked out in a gentle clay pink, came with heart-shaped biotin gummies I took daily, its famous serum, revitalizing shampoo, revitalizing conditioner, scalp detoxifying serum, and even a dry shampoo. With the brand promising results as early as 90 days ahead, I immediately started my regimen.

I majorly struggle to stick with extensive routines, so I was nervous I wouldn’t get my proper use out of each product. I generally shampoo and condition every day—my hair shows immediate grease otherwise—so those were easy enough. I applied the serum after showering to a damp scalp, using the opportunity to bundle the habit with my lash serum application. Out of the whole bundle, I got the least amount of use from the scalp serum, unsure of how best to incorporate it, but the brand promises visible results—eradicating dandruff-causing fungi and reducing sebum production—in as little as three days.

I’m generally nervous of any product that takes longer than a month to show results, hoping it would kick in. Vegamour’s hair growth line showed tangible results quickly, which alleviated my concerns. While I’d stopped pulling my hair back into a ponytail, insecure about my thinning temples, it didn’t take me long to start rocking the style again. I was pleasantly surprised by the new baby hairs growing in and how visibly thicker and fuller my hair appeared. It replaced a piece of my confidence I’d lost throughout the grieving process. 

I was also surprised by how easy it was to go through the entire regimen without feeling high maintenance. Most products effortlessly replace something I already use, and I loved being able to trust my dry shampoo was doing hair growth work. While it’s on sale, you can score an astounding $108 off the whole bundle with subscribe and save. Ultimately, my Vegamour bundle seemed to last forever; although it was a big spend, I definitely got my cost-per-use out of it and then some. 

If you’re not looking to entirely replace your hair routine, I recommend using this sale as the time to stock up on the brand’s hero product serum—which sells a bottle every 22 seconds. Score the Gro Hair Serum 3-Pack for 36 percent off with subscription and stock up while you can save.

GRO Hair Serum (3 Pack)


To buy: $111 (was $174); vegamour.com.

Head to Vegamour to shop this limited discount now. I’ll definitely be using the final hours of the sale—which ends tonight—to replenish my supply. The price has been worth the confidence boost a dozen times over, but sure, I’ll stock up while it’s up to 40 percent off.

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