10 Valentine's Day Nail Ideas That You’ll Fall In Love With

Love is in the air—and on your nails.



The lovey-dovey cards exchanged between couples and besties, gorgeous floral bouquets, and dainty chocolates are obviously some of the best parts about Valentine’s Day. Choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day mani ahead of Feb. 14 is arguably just as fun, though, and let’s be real—the manicure will last way longer than that box of chocolates. We scoured social media for some top tier Valentine’s Day nail ideas so you can lean into this cheesy, love-filled holiday even more. 

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French Mani with Hearts

How sweet is this Valentine’s Day twist on a traditional French manicure? “I think the cute red hearts complement the almond-shaped nails nicely and create a romantic look,” says Anastasia Totty, manicurist and educator for LeChat Nails. “It’s a delicate balance of elegant and sophisticated pink and white nails with a playful Valentine’s Day nail art.” 

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Layers of Pink

If you’re thinking more along the lines of pink candy vibes for your V-Day nails, try this “more is more” layered approach by Leanne Limwalker. While the colors remain the same across the entire look, each nail features its own design.

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Flirty Tortoise Shell + Pink

For an unexpected take on a Valentine’s Mani, try a halfsie approach that features hot pink on one side of the nail and tortoise shell on the other. Nail artist @sammismanis says she created the tortoise shell design with Light Lacquer’s The Tortoise Set Quad, which includes the (aptly named) shades Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael.

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Natural + Glittery Red Accents

You can't go wrong with a true red on Valentine's Day, especially if there's glitter involved. This V-Day mani, created by @nailsbypoca, features a modern update on a French style and incorporates a singular glittery nail and row of hearts on another.

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Textured V-Day Nails

Another way to go big with your Valentine nails is to incorporate a bit of texture into the design. "I used little metal caviar beads to create hearted windows, and the overall nail is finished glossy so the matte hearts pop out more,” says manicurist and LeChat Nails educator Hemi Park

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Sealed With a Kiss Nails

We see a lot of hearts on Valentine’s Day, but a juicy pucker is just as emblematic! These cute kiss nails, designed by professional nail artist Iram Shelton, have a soft pink-white base, metallic red French tips, and an accent nail with smooches. The solid metallic red nails lend a bit more nuance.

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Black & White Mani

If you just cannot with the pink and red aesthetic, consider this minimalist take on the V-Day mani, instead. Nail artist @betterwithjew keeps it super simple with a natural nail base, alternating black and white French tips, and a few black hearts scattered strategically.

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Dusty Pastel V-Day Mani

A pastel color palette is another alternative to pink, and it somehow just works. This design, created by nail artist @_karebeauty_, combines a dusty green sage color with cornflower blue. For another unexpected twist, the heart shapes are created with negative space.

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Heart French Tips

Here’s another subtle, minimalist Valentine’s Day nail idea, this one created by manicurist @embellishedbymariam. It’s a simple creamy pink base with heart-shaped French tips on each nail, finished with a matte top coat. You can re-create this design in any color you prefer. 

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Checkered Pink Mani

This romantic take on checkerboard mani with scalloped lace edges is giving Alice in Wonderland. Also created by Park, she combined a deep red hue with a light purple for the checkered design, then added a simple white to paint on the lacey edges. The dusty rose base complements the color palette, and the red crystals lend a hint of flare.

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