13 Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy on February 14

You will fall in love with these fun and festive libations.


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Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart or a group of friends, there’s truly nothing better than celebrating right at home. There are plenty of reasons why staying in is the ultimate plan—you can avoid the crowds, skip the typical prix fixe menu, and save quite a bit of money on those craft cocktails. Instead, plan a lovely evening with appetizers for grazing and festive cocktails for sipping.

From aperitifs like fizzy Champagne drinks and flavorful mulled wine, to dreamy nightcaps like a coffee old-fashioned and pink hot chocolate, the possibilities are endless for your Valentine’s Day cocktail menu.

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Chocolate Raspberry Cocktail

chocolate raspberry cocktail
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Also known as the “Heart-Shaped Box”, this creamy, dreamy cocktail is perfect to serve after a romantic dinner. The recipe calls for ingredients like Lejay Creme de Cassis, Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao, lemon juice, simple syrup, and your favorite light rum. Serve it in a fancy coupe or martini glass and enjoy!

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Chambord Royale

Chambord Royale

Put that bottle of Chambord to good use by whipping up this two-ingredient cocktail. The Chambord gives this drink a beautiful pink hue, and the sparkling wine adds some playful bubbles. Simply add some fresh raspberries to garnish, and voila.

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Pink Hot Chocolate

Pink Hot Chocolate
Alison Miksch

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with the whole family, they’ll absolutely love this festive pink hot chocolate. Beet juice is used as a natural food coloring, and it adds a mild sweetness without the extra sugar. If you want to make a spiked version, add some Bailey’s or your favorite liqueur.

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Red Sangria With Blackberries

Sangria with blackberries

Whether you’re doing date night at home or celebrating Galentine’s Day, you’re going to want to make a big batch of this fruity, flavorful sangria. With just six simple ingredients, you’ll have the most delicious boozy cocktail to celebrate the day of love.

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Spiced Mulled Wine

Spicy Mulled Wine
Greg DuPree

Is there anything better than cozying up by the fire with a drink that just warms your belly? This mulled wine recipe is sweet and spicy (thanks to peppercorns and fresh ginger) and is perfect to sip on when it’s too cold to leave the house.

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Coffee Old-Fashioned

Coffee old fashioned being poured into a glass.
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Finish off the evening with a delicious coffee cocktail inspired by a classic Old-Fashioned. This digestif calls for Turkish coffee (or whatever you have at home), bitters, bourbon, dark rum, and a sugar cube. Garnish with an orange twist and you’ll be buzzing for the rest of the eve.

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Campari and Cranberry Jell-O Shots

Cranberry Campari Jell-O shots
Brie Passano

You’re never too old to enjoy a Jell-O shot, especially a festive one! Perfect for a Valentine’s Day get-together with friends, these elevated shots will get the party started while making you feel a tad nostalgic for your college days. We suggest making a double batch since your guests will fall madly in love with them.  

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Cranberry-Lemon Spritz

Greg DuPree

With just the right balance of tart and sweetness, this fruity spritz will become your go-to even after Valentine’s Day. And while it’s simple to make in a pinch, it tastes like a craft cocktail made by a pro.

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Big-Batch Negroni

Negronis to Go
Alison Miksch

If you’re planning a delicious Italian meal for Valentine’s Day, consider pairing it with a traditional Negroni. With just one sip, you and your partner will be transported to a quaint, romantic veranda in Florence. And in case you’re hosting a few friends, this recipe can be made in a big batch.

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El Versalles Passion Fruit Cocktail

El Versalles Passion Fruit Cocktail

Champagne cocktails are always a great option for an occasion like Valentine’s Day, because they’re delicate, refreshing, and easy to customize. This recipe includes both raspberry and passion fruit puree for sweetness, as well as a few different spirits like rum, Champagne, and triple sec.

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Tarragon French 75

Tarragon French 75
Victor Protasio

This twist on a classic French 75 is so good you’ll be making it long after Valentine’s Day. Swap out the gin with a flavorful, warming bourbon, and toss in a sprig of tarragon for an earthy, herby garnish.

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Chambord French Martini

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Here’s another French-inspired cocktail that will help you use up that Chambord. While this fruity drink is sweeter than your average martini, there are ways to customize it to your liking. If you want to tone down the sweetness without sacrificing the taste, just use half the amount of pineapple juice.

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Two Cosmopolitan Cocktail Drinks
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Cosmos are the ultimate date-night drink, and they’re also perfect for sipping with your girlfriends. With just a few common ingredients, like vodka, triple sec, lime, and cranberry juice, we doubt you’ll even need to make a trip to the store.

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