I Can Finally See in My Cabinets Thanks to This Set of $13 Stick-On Puck Lights From Amazon

They’re subtle, strong, and seriously time-saving.

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UMECORE Tap Light Push Lights TOUT

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I’m lucky enough to have plenty of storage space in my kitchen and pantry; however, it’s sometimes tricky to find what I’m looking for in each cabinet because of dim lighting and crowded shelves. More often than not, I’ll reach for a box of cereal or a can of soup and end up knocking over a half-dozen other items that I missed in the darkness. So when I came across this set of stick-on puck lights from Amazon recently, I thought they might solve my cabinet problem for good.

Made by Umecore, the set of seven small LED lights offers a quick solution to dark high-traffic spaces, and it’s on sale for just $13 (32 percent off of its usual price). The lights have self-adhesive pads and are designed to stick right underneath a cabinet, inside a pantry, or on any other flat surface indoors or outdoors. To use them, you just have to stick them to the wall and push the buttons; the bright light will instantly appear, illuminating the space so you don’t have to grope around in the dark. Because the lights run on batteries, which provide over 120 hours of lighting on one go, you can skip connecting them to an outlet. 

UMECORE Tap Light Push Lights


To buy: $13 (was $19); amazon.com.

I placed the seven lights all around my house: in cramped kitchen cabinets, crowded downstairs pantries, and even underneath my bathroom vanity. Despite the lights’ tiny size, they immediately made a huge difference, allowing me to easily find everything I needed without accidentally knocking over other things (even in the very back of hard-to-reach cupboards). And I’m glad to know the lights can also come in handy during power outages, which will save me the hassle of trying to find my way around my house without electricity.

Tons of Amazon shoppers have left rave reviews for these smart, subtle, and seriously helpful lights. One person praised how they’re “well-designed and work perfectly,” adding that “they are the perfect brightness to be able to see what you are doing on a countertop.” Another person wrote that they “put these everywhere,” saying, “I have one on each side of my under storage in my camper, in my pantry, in the hallway, in the basement. They are great when you need quick light and don't want to use a flashlight.” And then there’s this reviewer who said, “They are exactly what I needed in my kitchen. They are very bright, quick to install, and easy to adhere to surfaces.”

Trust me, and all those reviewers, these lights will save you so much time and effort from hunting around in your cabinets, and at just $13 for the pack, they’re a genuine steal.

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