Hate Baggy Pants? Try These 8 Stylish Legging Trends

2023 is proving leggings doesn't have to be activewear.


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Skinny jeans once ruled the fashion world, but the influence of work-from-home comfort and '90s streetwear trends have brought a renaissance of wide-leg pants. Thankfully, for those who prefer sartorial sleekness to volume, you can still be on trend wearing leggings. In fact, the most recent runways from Milan and Paris show a promising return of the beloved legging, for all activities from work to play. The newest trends from Celine, Tory Burch, and Prada show that leggings aren’t just for working out—they can complement almost anything in your closet, and even elevate your outfits. 

These versatile skinny pants are taking all kinds of new forms and being picked up by the best-dressed street stylists. If you’re ready to take your leggings style from the gym to the office, try these eight legging trends fit for practically any occasion. 

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You’ve seen it on the Jenners, and all over Instagram—pleather leggings are here to stay. They can be dressed up or down, making a simple top shine or complementing your more daring night-out looks.​​ The best styles have an understated sheen (avoid the latex look) and come above the wearer’s belly button. Pair it with a crop top or oversized sweater. 

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Proof that just a simple hem change takes a basic black legging to fashionable heights, this exciting silhouette lets your shoes shine. The hem can be split over the front of your foot or on the side, and can vary in length, but the fabric should be thick and sturdy. It’s the perfect style for a more casual workday or drinks with the girls. 

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Fun Flare


When you’d really like to just wear sweatpants all day, these flare leggings are a great alternative. Whether you want to stun in a bold color or keep it simple in black, this classic silhouette lends a pulled-together look to a really comfortable trend. To avoid the athletic vibe (if you want), stick to thick fabric and lose the foldover band. 

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Pattern Play


When it’s time to have a little more fun, bright patterns are the way to go. An eye-catching print elevates your leggings and makes them the center of the outfit. Focus on pairing your patterned leggings either with a matching top or a coordinating top—something that shares the same tones or vibe.

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Brown Beauties


Brown, beige, or tan leggings are the perfect complement to any chic wardrobe. The most important part is finding a color that works best with your skin tone—try to pick a color that is at least a few shades darker or lighter than your skin tone to avoid looking too nude.

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Matching Set


Coordinated sets are all over the runway this season, including leggings-top pairs in fun patterns and shocking colors. When you find one you like, this trend is the easiest outfit to throw on—simply add some cool accessories and your look is complete.  

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Daring Stirrups


This style may have had its origins in horse-riding, but stirrup leggings have taken on the world far beyond the stables. For this trend, make sure to showcase the stirrups by placing them on the outside of your shoes, or at least keep them visible in a pair of flats. 

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'90s-Inspired Capris


Feeling inspired by Julia Roberts circa 1993? This capri legging trend, seen all over the recent runways, is perfect for bringing back the ‘90s vibe. Pair them with a heel to dress it up or keep it simple in flats with a business casual top for best results.

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