5 Trader Joe's Wine Shop Secrets Shoppers Should Know

Keep this intel in mind when shopping for TJ's wine.

Trader Joe’s is well-known for many things, but the ‘Two Buck Chuck’ has always been pretty high up there on the list. If you’re fortunate enough to have a Trader Joe’s Wine Shop nearby, then you already know the thrill of finding great wines for under $10. And while we don’t want to question a good thing, we can’t help but wonder where TJ's wine comes from, and how on earth it's so affordable. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Trader Joe’s takes a lot of pride in the products it stocks, and that’s certainly the case with the wine selection, too.

We did a deep dive on everything to know about TJ's wine, and we found some interesting information. Next time you take a trip to your local Trader Joe’s Wine Shop, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Don’t Judge the Price Tag

You may have some hesitancy when picking up a $2 bottle of wine, but all bets are off when it’s the famous ‘Two Buck Chuck’—the nickname for the Charles Shaw vino sold at Trader Joe's. The reason why TJ’s can offer such affordable, quality wines is because the company has partnerships with many well-known California vineyards. The only catch is: Consumers can’t know too much about these partnerships. As Trader Joe’s marketing director, Tara Miller, explained on the Inside Trader Joe's podcast: "If we say who [the wine producers] are, and then we offer this great price, the other folks they do business with are going to want that same great price.”

Stick With the Stacks

Have you ever walked into a wine warehouse only to be overwhelmed by the stacks of boxes and endless wine varieties at your fingertips? That doesn't have to be the case at TJ's. On an episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast, Miller taught shoppers a hack for how to find a great bottle, fast. “In whatever store, whatever Trader Joe's you shop in, the stacks are the wines that sell at the highest rate—at the fastest rate. So, you can probably be sure those are gonna be really good.” If you’re in a rush for time or simply don’t know what you want, look to the stacks—the standalone displays typically situated at the end of an aisle. 

Trust the Selection

Trader Joe’s wine shops aren’t anything new. In fact, TJ's has been selling wine for decades. According to the TJ's website, back in the late 1960s, the retailer sold every California wine that existed. That should be indication enough that these wine selections should be trusted to the fullest.

Take Advantage of Limited Runs

Limited-edition products at TJ's are always a hot commodity, and that also includes certain wines. The problem is, we usually don’t know when an item is being discontinued, so it’s a good idea to always stock up, if possible. If you fall absolutely head-over-heels for a specific wine or blend, you can always ask a staff member if it could be discontinued in the future. Typically, TJ's staff members have the inside scoop!

Check Out the Provided Pairings

The Trader Joe’s website is always full of great information. From recipe inspiration to special announcements, you can learn quite a bit from a quick search. If you’re looking to plan a wine pairing at home with friends, or if you need inspiration for how to best enjoy your wine, check out the helpful guides.

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