Trader Joe's Hot Cocoa Heart Melts Are the Valentine's Day Treat You Need

Perfect for galentines or valentines!


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Trader Joe’s has done it again! The popular grocery chain, which has had hits with items including Mandarin Orange Chicken and Joe-Joe's Sandwich Creme Cookies, is back with another fun sweet treat. This time it’s Hot Cocoa Heart Melts, which are a variation of the beloved hot chocolate bomb.

These heart-shaped chocolate morsels, which retail for $3.99 per bag, boast a milk chocolate exterior that’s studded with several marshmallows, as well as a salted caramel creme filling. Per the instructions on the back of the package, these Valentine’s Day-themed chocolates are designed to be added three at a time to a cup of hot milk or your non-dairy beverage of choice, at which point they will melt and transform the milk into a cup of salted caramel hot chocolate.

Not a fan of milk? No problem. Add three hearts to your morning cup of coffee to convert the beverage into a salted caramel mocha drink that will start your day off right. Or, you can simply ditch the beverage idea all together and eat these candies straight from the bag!

Not surprisingly, this new Trader Joe’s item is already a hit with shoppers across the country. “Omg this wins as the cutest Valentine’s Day item out yet!!!😍,” one Instagram user wrote. And a TikToker called the new candies “a must,” while another noted that they already needed to purchase “another bag.”

As avid TJ’s shoppers might know, this is hardly the first time the grocery giant has riffed on the hot cocoa bomb, which was all the rage several years ago. Back in November Trader Joe’s released the Hot Cocoa Polar Bear—a white and milk chocolate bear filled with chocolate drops and marshmallows—and the previous year it was all about the wildly popular Hot Cocoa Snowman as well as the festive Hot Cocoa Ornaments.

If hot cocoa isn’t your thing, however, you can rest assured that TJ’s has a bevy of other Valentine’s Day-themed items to choose from. A few of our favorites include Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, which is a combination of ice cream and sorbet, Heart-Shaped Macaroons, and Raspberry Hearts Cookies. Plus, don’t forget the colorful flowers and plants section so you can pick up a little something extra for your loved ones!

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