I Didn’t Think I Could Pull Off Everyday Contour Until I Tried This Subtle, Summer-Friendly Version

And it takes up so little room in my makeup bag.

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Tower 28 Sculptino Soft Cream Contour Tout

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I didn’t embrace everyday contour until about college. I’d been a dancer, previously, and used it in my stage makeup before recitals and competitions. My palette took up half of my beauty bag, dragged out for big, cinematic sweeps of dark powder that re-drew my features under the intensity of stage lights. It was for glam beauty tutorials complete with false eyelashes and glitter—not casual beauty looks.

As the makeup world shifted from high-powered drama to more natural looks—faux freckles, tinted moisturizers, and the like—it embraced a new wave of effortless contours focused on everyday wear. Didn’t you want sculpted cheeks and a “snatched” face during the course of your daily life? I was intrigued, although skeptical, until I tried out Tower 28’s Sculptino Soft Cream Contour.

This matte contour and bronzer, available in four versatile shades, is so easy to use that even I couldn’t mess it up. Because of its creamy base, it blends easily into your skin, meaning I could quickly correct and adjust any faux pas or mistakes. I opted for the Getty shade, a light medium with neutral undertones, thanks to my medium olive skin tone. In the summer, when I develop my natural always-tan, I’ll opt for the Hammer, a medium tan with neutral undertones.

Sculptino Soft Cream Contour

Tower 28

To buy: $20; tower28beauty.com.

In alignment with color theory that makes my studio-art-minor heart happy, the sheer shades contain no gray casts or orange hues that give that uncanny valley effect to the contour options of my youth. Instead, the soft cream gives my face dimension, and I can layer it to my preferences: light, for that perfect “pinch” of put-togetherness when I’m feeling messy, or dark, for sultry night time looks when I want my makeup to be striking.

For context, I wear the same makeup regimen just about every time I put it on, afraid to fix what isn’t broken. Because the Tower 28 Sculptino Soft Cream Contour is catered to beginners, it’s so forgiving that I’ve been able to harness its power easily—and therefore build my confidence in a (makeup) realm I don’t often vary. Its versatility makes me much more likely to try looks I wouldn’t brave otherwise and freshen up my appearance in a way that boosts my capability and self-esteem. I appreciate the price point, usability, size, and shades available.

Perhaps my favorite quality of the Tower 28 Sculptino Soft Cream Contour is actually its size. Unlike the robust contours of my youth, this product comes in a slim, clear case that doesn’t take up much room. I can slide it into a purse for touch-ups on the go or at an event, and I love that it would take up minimal room in my carry-on during summer travels.

Sculptino Soft Cream Contour

Tower 28

To buy: $20; tower28beauty.com and sephora.com.

The formula felt silky on my skin, almost like a balm, which made me realize how much I hated the caked-on sensation of my previous kind. I’ve worn it with no foundation or powder underneath and it still looks natural, a quality I’ll be grateful for when climbing temps make me dread having to wear any beauty products. I generally rubbed it into the hollows of my cheeks (always in an upwards direction!) and along my hairline to quietly intensify my cheekbones and features. It didn’t look super pigmented, meaning that I didn’t have to worry about messing up my initial application and having to re-do my entire face. And yes, you can use it as a bronzer too.

Whether you’re a newbie to everyday contour or a beauty queen who’s skilled in every application, you’ll appreciate the all-around excellence of the Tower 28 Sculptino Soft Cream Contour. Head to Tower 28 or Sephora to shop this light summer-friendly makeup before other shoppers (like me) stock up for the season.

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