This New IKEA Collection Offers the Most Beautiful Storage

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When you think of IKEA, you probably think of their signature Scandinavian style—modern, minimalist, and clean. In other words, it’s anything but traditionally inspired. But one of the brand’s newest lines, called Tolkning, is a major pivot from what we’re used to seeing. With eighteen handwoven rattan pieces to choose from (and yes, we’re pretty sure you can’t buy just one), this line has lots of stylish storage pieces and bedroom furniture that are easy dupes for what you might find at a chic coastal boutique while on vacation—all at a price that feels like a day at the beach. Here are some of the best pieces from the collection. 

IKEA Tolkning Woven Storage Basket with Lining


Tolkning Basket

Say “ta-ta” to those plastic containers at the top of your closet or linen cabinet and say hello to this sweet basket ($40, instead. Ideal for storing off-season clothing, extra bedding, or even keepsakes, IKEA went all out with details when designing the product. It features a full lining, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally snagging a sweater. We also can’t help but love the sweet bow detail on each corner and handles so it's easy to transport.

IKEA Tolkning Woven Storage Bench


Tolkning Bench With Storage

Want to add an expensive-looking accent to the foot of your bed or some extra seating and storage to your entryway or mudroom? The Tolkning Bench With Storage ($150, is the answer. There are similar products available from other retailers costing ten times as much, but this piece offers the same grandmillennial aesthetic for a steal. Best of all, it provides stealth storage for extra shoes, clothing, or anything that needs to be hidden away. 

IKEA Woven Nightstand with Two Tiers


Tolkning Nightstand

If you’re looking to add some more of the Tolkning collection to your bedroom, it might be hard to resist these nightstands ($140, They look just like something found at a fancy Palm Beach hotel. Thoughtfully designed, the baskets are removable, so they can even double as serving pieces. When was the last time a nightstand did that? 

Each piece also comes with a top, so you can easily hide those unmentionables you wouldn’t want visitors to see. These nightstands can even be used as side tables in a living room, so they’re a versatile choice for smaller homes and apartments.

IKEA Storage Ottoman


Tolkning Ottoman With Storage

On the other hand, if you’re looking to bring a touch of tradition and extra convenience to your living room, the Tolkning Ottoman With Storage ($90, does exactly that. Not only can you use it to put your feet up, or store an extra throw blanket or two, but it’s also sturdy enough to function as seating when you need it.  

IKEA Laundry Basket on Wheels with Large Handle on Top


Tolkning Basket on Wheels

Those plastic or metal laundry hampers can be such eyesores in your bathroom or bedroom. That’s why the Tolkning Basket on Wheels ($90, is an ideal storage solution. It easily helps you cart your dirty clothes to the laundry room without needing to pick something up or exert extra effort. The huge handle at the top makes it easy to tote from place to place. The generous eight-gallon size means it can hold an entire week’s worth of laundry. Stylishly lined, there’s no need to worry about catches or snags to delicates. 

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