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 Sang An

On the Cover

Feel calmer now: 20 essential lists to organize your life

In This Issue

Thoughts, p. 4

The Simple List, p. 8

Contributors, p. 18

Editor's Note, p. 23

Your Words
What is on your not-to-do list for 2009?, p. 25


Special: Real Simple on TV
A look behind the scenes at an episode of Real Simple. Real Life., p. 47

Life Lessons
Writer Julianna Baggott shares her (overprotective) mother’s top-10 rules for her family’s survival, p. 42

Credits, p. 133

Reality Check
A to-do list that you can actually complete (no, really!), p. 136

Real Simple To Go, p. 138

The Guide


Seventeen fresh beauty essentials, p. 57


Twenty tips to make a wardrobe last, p. 63


Twenty-five annual home-maintenance suggestions, p. 66


Seven steps for hassle-free returns, p. 71


Fifteen ways to fit in fitness, p. 75

How to save money on home repairs and text messages. Plus, the best online finance calculators, p. 80

Personal Best
Ben Schott looks to history to help you rethink your list making, p. 84