Featured in November 2008

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On the Cover

In This Issue

Thoughts, p. 6
 The Simple List, p.8
 Contributors, p. 28
 Editor's Note, p. 33
 Everyday Celebrations
Easy-to-follow instructions for a game night with friends, p. 35
 Your Words 

What are your hopes for this country?, p. 45


Life Lessons
Merrill Markoe on the (surprising) possessions that really matter, p. 81

 The Quiz
Test your presidential IQ, p. 88

 Personal Best
Keep the peace during the holidays: Mediator Laurie Puhn shares her top-10 phrases for avoiding arguments, p. 245

 Credits, p. 327

 Reality Check
Get the play-by-play of Marcy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, p. 334

 Real Simple To Go, p. 336


Real Simple on TV
A look behind the scenes at an episode of Real Simple. Real Life.―the new makeover show on TLC, p. 91


The Guide


Get a leg up; find pants that fit, p. 107

Stay warm and cozy: 10 winter fashion finds that won’t break the bank, p. 123

Three top designers share their best style finds and insights, p. 127


Avoid parched winter skin with tried-and-true dermatologist advice, p. 135

Six soothing tips to help you unwind, day and night, p. 141


Fast-healing strategies for eight common ailments, p. 147

Cheers! The latest health research on alcohol, p. 161


Low-maintenance terrariums, p. 169

All you need to know about flooring, p. 179

A buying guide to the only five pots and pans you need, p. 187


Get your talking points straight with an election-season glossary, p. 199

Banish the butterflies: strategies for coping with social anxiety, p. 209

Real Simple Shopping Awards: reader-nominated stores and websites, p. 217


Special holiday edition: how to save on cards, wrapping paper, and cocktails; turkey prices by the pound; and why you should buy toys now, p. 223

Road Tests