A Brow Expert Breaks Down TikTok’s Most Popular Brow Hacks

Get out your (brow) pencils—you'll want to take notes.

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Struggling with your brows? Too sparse? Not the right shape? On TikTok, there are thousands of hacks to help you achieve beautiful brows. From quick fixes to new approaches, it’s easy to spend hours, if not days, scrolling. Don't have that kind of time? I asked Melissa Pruett, brow expert and founder of MELT by Melissa, which brow hacks are worth trying and which ones you should skip. Here are some TikTok-tested, pro-approved ways to enhance your eyebrows.

The Shadow and Micellar Water Trick

The creator of this video uses brown shadow to quickly fill in her brows and then cleans off the excess and shapes them using a clean lipgloss wand dipped in micellar water. “This looks like this could be an easy enough hack for anyone who struggles to color in the lines or has a harder time placing their brow powder more specifically where they want it to achieve their desired shape side to side,” says Pruett.

However, this isn’t a technique most pros would use. “It adds an extra step and leads to an interesting order of operations for makeup. By removing beyond the lines with micellar water, you’re clearly taking off any other makeup you’ve applied prior. Most makeup artists I know do brows towards the end of the application, but you’d be taking off any upper eyelid makeup and face makeup on the forehead here.” Depending upon if you're wearing other makeup and the order in which you apply it, this hack may or may not work with your current routine.

No Brow Hair? Try This Technique

Pruett thinks this is a great technique to try if you have zero brow hair—but it will require some practice. “What I don’t think people realize is that this technique is probably much more difficult than she’s making it look. She has dialed in true artistry with her application, the product she’s using, and the brush she’s applying the strokes with.”

However, if you have substantial brow hair, Pruett recommends skipping this one. “I’m not sure how this would translate on someone who does have a fair bit of brow hair that would get in the way of the brush making contact with the skin so seamlessly," she explains. But for those without brow hair, go ahead and give this tip a try.

Try Any of These Helpful Hacks

In this video, the creator shares seven tips, all of which Pruett approves. “Love all of her tips and these align with so much of the way we teach brow makeup application to our clients at MELT,” she explains. “We always demo this easy golden ratio measurement with a white pencil to show where the brows should start in the front, arch, and end at the tail.”

Pruett is particularly a fan of finishing off a look with clear brow gel. “We always recommend topping the brows off with clear brow gel, brushing all the hairs up and out—away from the eye to give that fluffy, polished model look.”

Draw It Out—Or Don’t

The video makes drawing out your brows and filling them in look easy, but this technique may be challenging for beginners to get the hang of. “This is a really cool hack for this very specific shape and style of brows, but I do think this one may be a little bit harder to execute and requires more practice rounds to nail it.”

Pruett points out that this type of black wax pencil is often used when mapping out microblading, but these pencils do now come in other shades of brown. Still, they might not work for all hair colors. “These pencils are best when shaved down to the angled shape she’s using and we do this with a razor blade," Pruett recommends.

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