Wow, This Popular Shark Robot Vacuum Is Quietly on Sale for Less Than Its Black Friday Price at Amazon

Save $300 on this steal before it’s gone.

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Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum


If you haven’t gotten around to the deep spring clean you promised yourself weeks ago, don’t worry. There is still time! To ensure your home is spotless before summer rolls around, this smart cleaning tool is here to hit the ground running. The best part? It’s on sale for lower than its Black Friday price so you can score $300 in savings.  

The Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum provides you with a completely hands-free cleaning experience from start to finish. It sucks up dirt and debris from hard floors and carpet with ease thanks to its high-powered suction and guarantees full room and spot coverage with its smart technology. No cords, heavy lifting, or time out of your busy schedule needed.

 Shark AV2501AE AI Robot Vacuum

To buy: $350 (was $650);

Connecting your smart vacuum to your Amazon or Google home devices has never been simpler, either. With the Shark device, you can create a set vacuuming schedule or begin a new clean at any given time just by saying out loud “Hey Alexa…” If you’d rather control the vacuum while on the go, just set up the SharkClean app on your smartphone to access at any time. 

To guarantee every corner and crevice is clean, the floor cleaner uses 360-degree sensing technology to avoid running into possible objects in its way and sends bursts of air into hard-to-reach spots to pull dirt from corners. For an even deeper clean, the smart tool’s cleaning navigation system allows for it to run over the same area several times, not just once.

Using HEPA filtration, the Shark vacuum captures up to 99.97 percent of dust and 

allergens, according to the brand. And the floor cleaner is perfect for pet owners due to its built-in brushroll that effortlessly removes hair and dander. Plus, the vacuum comes with two additional side brushes for even more cleaning power.

The robot vacuum also has an updated feature of a run time of up to 120 minutes for an uninterrupted cleaning experience. However, if its battery hits low it will automatically return to the dock to re-charge then resume its last position once ready. When the vacuum is finished, it will empty itself into the base that can hold up to 60 days worth of waste.

The popular vacuum has received more than 1,200 five star ratings, with shoppers raving about its time-saving and scheduling abilities. One shopper even noted how it vacuumed under beds and “was amazed at the amount of hair it collected.”

Another reviewer said, “I love everything about this vacuum! [I] mapped out my house and designated rooms on the app. I can set it to clean an individual room, the whole house, or spot clean from anywhere with the handy Shark app. My floors have never been so clean.” 

One final customer wrote, “ I work 60+ hours a week and just don't have time for the mundane task of vacuuming up pet hair every day. I purchased this with very high hopes and they all came true. I would buy this vacuum over and over again.” They went on to say it efficiently cleans their hard floors and area rugs. 

Ready to see just how easy vacuuming can be? Grab the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum while it’s 46 percent off at Amazon.

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