These Comfy Bras Are the Only Ones I’ve Worn for Years—and We Have an Exclusive Discount Code

Once I tried ThirdLove, I knew I would never go back.

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ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra Review

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As careful as I am when I’m shopping for jeans, dresses, and shoes (read: opinionated), I developed an indifferent attitude when it came to bras. And it lasted for years. I wore bras that didn’t fit, bras that were uncomfortable, and bras that fell apart too quickly for what I paid for them. When I finally reached my breaking point, I jumped online with only ThirdLove in mind. And right now you can save 15 percent off with our exclusive code.

The first thing I have to highlight is that before I clicked over to ThirdLove’s site, I had never purchased bras online that I hadn’t tried on first in a store. This feels very anti-millennial to me, but it simply felt like a hassle to order styles with only a hope that they would fit. But ThirdLove’s bra ordering process made such a difference. 

Classic T-Shirt Bra

Third Love

To buy: $62 with code THIRD15 (was $72);

Instagram had served me ads about ThirdLove’s 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra, which felt like the right style because I almost exclusively wear T-shirt styles. But I am nothing if not thorough, so I still felt like I needed to complete the Find Your Fit test. I was asked questions about where I had previously purchased bras, how my straps fit, whether or not the cups fit well, and if my bra’s underwire was hurting. I did have to provide my email address to see my results, which typically causes me to click away—but desperation led me to welcome even more mail into my inbox. And that mail said the 24/7 T-shirt bra was exactly what I needed. 

The 24/7 bra has a whopping 36,000 five-star reviews (it had far less years ago when I first discovered it, and I still jumped on board), and you can use the exclusive code THIRD15 to save 15 percent off on your order. It’s described as ThirdLove’s “number one style,” and it’s available in nine smooth colors, three lace shades, and two cotton hues. You can opt to order it in band sizes 32 to 44 and cup sizes A through H, selecting both sizes separately just like many other brands. But the notable difference is you can also order half cup sizes if you tend to trend in between options. 

Lace Balconette Bra

Third Love

To buy: $65 with code THIRD15 (was $76);

Depending on the style you order, the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra is made from soft micro-jersey, nylon, and spandex. The bra features thin memory foam-lined cups that are designed to “form to your body,” the straps are adjustable (with fun gold hardware to boot), and the back hook-and-eye closure is padded for added comfort. Plus, the bra lacks a label, so you never have to worry about feeling itchy. 

When my first ThirdLove bra arrived, I felt more hopeful than ever before that I might have finally found a bra that fit correctly. I followed the brand’s directions to first adjust the straps, and when I put my bra on I hooked it on the loosest setting with the idea that I would hook it on tighter settings as my bra aged. To get the full effect, I added a T-shirt and moved around. I was convinced my straps would slip, my cups would gap, or I would feel the underwire hitting my sides just like my other bras. But in an ultimate twist of fate, none of that happened. Instead, I felt and stayed completely comfortable. Even though I had 60 days to officially decide whether or not my ThirdLove bra was right for me, I knew I wouldn’t be sending it back. Instead, I stocked up, and I’ve continued to add new ones years later. 

24/7 Pima Cotton T-Shirt Bra

Third Love

To buy: $62 with code THIRD15 (was $72);

ThirdLove bras are admittedly more expensive than other styles I’ve previously worn. But the difference is the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt bra fits properly, holds up, and never feels like something I’m eager to take off. I’m convinced I’m a lifelong fan at this point, so I highly recommend giving ThirdLove and the 24/7 Classic bra a try for just $62 while our exclusive THIRD15 code is live through March 31.

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