5 Things Interior Designers Would Never Do

Don't make these mistakes.

While every interior designer has their own style, there are some universal rules that most designers rarely (if ever) break. While many design rules are meant to be broken, there are certain choices the pros would never make because they disrupt the flow of the space, don’t look good aesthetically, or end up costing the homeowner more money in the long run. Fortunately, you don’t need to hire an interior designer to learn these home decorating don'ts—you just need to read on.  

Placing a Bed in the Corner

Look at any bedroom that an interior designer has lent their expertise to. There will never be a bed in the corner of a room. It ruins the flow of the space, is uncomfortable for two people to sleep in, and has the aesthetic of a dorm room. Lastly, if there is a radiator or heat source covered by the bed, this choice can be a safety hazard. The one exception to the rule: a child's bedroom where space is tight and where this placement may actually be a safer choice, preventing the little one from tumbling out of the bed.

Choosing the Wrong Light Bulbs

Whether it’s a living room, dining room, or bedroom, every space should have proper lighting. Choosing the wrong bulbs can have a major impact on ambiance. “Lighting is key to making any space look inviting. We would never use daylight-color bulbs or use different wattages for lamps and lights within the same room,” explains interior designer Tamarra Younis of Union of Art Interiors.

While Younis suggests soft white bulbs only, designer Joelle Kutner of Ome Design has more specific advice. “A simple thing to avoid is not to use light bulbs that are over 3,000 kilowatts. Anything over this, and the light becomes sterile and blue. You want your home to feel warm and inviting, not like a hospital waiting room. Also when possible, make sure you use dimmers on every switch to create a serene environment," Kutner recommends.

Making Everything Match

“If you think that everything has to match, think again,” says Younis. There’s nothing that looks less stylish than a living room where the sofa matches a loveseat and accent chair. While many are tempted to buy a complete living room or bedroom set to save time and money, the result is a space that looks like a catalog. 

Buying a Too Small Rug

Designers would never try to stretch a budget by opting for an area rug that’s the wrong size. “Area rugs that are too small for the room or that are the wrong size to ground your furniture is a designer's nightmare," says Younis.

Instead, go with less expensive materials, wait for a sale, or consider shopping stores like HomeGoods for more affordable options. 

Picking Paint Colors First

"Choosing paint colors before picking the furniture and fabrics and thinking of the easy way to bring color into a house is a big mistake," Younis warns us. Once a room is painted, you’re stuck with that color. However, if you have a color you love, get a swatch and a few in the same family—then select your furniture around those options for more flexibility. 

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