This Theragun Massage Gun Actually Helps My Tight Muscles, and It's Still $101 Off Post-Cyber Monday

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Theragun Prime 4th Generation


I hold a lot of tension in my muscles (like a lot), and my shoulders and upper back are pretty much constantly tight. So tight, in fact, that almost every time I’ve gotten a massage, the masseuse comments on how tense I am. I’ll try basically anything to help, and one thing I’ve found that actually works is this Theragun massage gun—and it’s still $101 off a day after Cyber Monday

Massage guns like this popular one from Theragun use percussive therapy to ease tension, loosen muscles, and relieve pain or soreness by getting deep into the muscles, like a deep tissue massage. It targets localized spots on your body, making it useful for knots in your back, shoulders, legs, and anywhere else you can think of. This massager is ideal for people with extremely tight muscles, since it’s designed to reach 60 percent deeper than other similar massage guns, according to Therabody.

Theragun Prime 4th Generation


To buy: $198 (was $299);

The massage gun has an ergonomic grip—the brand’s patented Theragun Triangle handle design—that you can easily hold while using it, without straining your arms. Plus, you can even use it while watching TV because it’s designed with QuietForce Technology to make it extra quiet. According to the brand, it’s quieter than an electric toothbrush.

Five built-in speeds, adjustable speeds, and four different attachments (dampener, standard ball, thumb, and cone) allow you to choose the best options for your muscle issues, so you can totally customize your massage. You can control the device from your phone in the Therabody app, making it even easier to use, and you’ll find routines in the app to help you figure out the best way to use the massage gun.

One five-star reviewer commented, “I’m using the theragun twice a day, and after about two weeks of pretty serious work, my legs are a lot looser. [My] back pain is largely gone.” Another shopper said it “works like a charm on sore muscles.”

You can get a deep tissue massage right from your couch with this Theragun massage gun. It’s great for athletes, people who work out a lot, and people like me who just always have tight muscles. Shop it now while it’s still $101 off after Cyber Monday. 

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