The Future of Cleaning: It's Time to Pick Out Your Robot

From AI to programmable robots, meet the game changers of cleaning.



Only the Jetsons could have predicted that we would have robotic vacuums that clean our floors and light fixtures we can control with our voice. The future of cleaning looks even brighter, thanks to the latest innovative products that make our homes easier to keep clean.

We've gathered 10 products offering the newest technology and highest-performing features that will help ease the burden of cleaning. When there is an AI machine to help us declutter every room with the press of a button, the future of cleaning will be complete. STEM wizards, get on that!

Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum


Shark AI Ultra

Robot vacuums have been around for years now, but each iteration improves upon the technology, room mapping, and ability to collect every last crumb. Case in point: the Shark AI 2-in-1 Robot Self-Empty XL follows a grid matrix pattern with multiple passes over each area so it picks up every bit of dust and debris. Even better: "CleanEdge Technology uses blasts of air and corner recognition to remove debris from edges and corners," says Julien Levesque, vice president, global product development and program management at SharkNinja. And thanks to the self-empty feature, you can avoid dealing with all the debris collected. Plus, this vacuum doubles as a mop and scrubs hard floors 100 times per minute to remove stuck-on grime.

Yeedi Robot Vacuum in White


yeedi vac 2 pro

Other technological advancements have made robotic vacuums and mops more human-like. "The yeedi vac 2 pro features an oscillating mopping system that imitates the human hand," says Lindsey Ning, marketing manager at yeedi. And while early robot vacuums were notorious for knocking into any chair leg or dog toy left in its path, the very latest models know what to avoid. "Our 3D obstacle avoidance is based on the same technology Apple uses for FaceID, and the robot can measure the length, height, and width of obstacles in its way and cleverly dodge them," Ning explains.

Gecko window cleaning robot


Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner

Take the hard work out of window washing with the Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner. Featuring LED indicators and notification buzzers that can be used manually or with an app, you can choose between three automatic cleaning paths. The lint-free microfiber pads—one cleans and one polishes—are removable and machine-washable. Mimicking a real gecko, this robot has anti-fall technology so it can clean unattended. (Don't worry, there is a safety rope, just in case.)

Maytronics Pool Cleaner


Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Not everyone has a pool, but if you do, you know that cleaning it can be a chore. While the first robotic pool cleaner was introduced by Maytronics back in 1983, the technology has improved with every year. The current Dolphin robotic pool cleaners scrub and clean every surface—including the residue that tends to build up along the waterline—and include a water filtration system. And thanks to the mobile app, you can turn the cleaner on while you're away and come home to a clean pool every day.

Matte Black Glass Rinser

Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet Glass Rinser

If you are tired of red wine rings in glasses or coffee stains in the bottom of your favorite cups, Delta Faucet has the perfect addition to your kitchen sink. "Our market research revealed that customers are interested in a solution to more effectively clean items at the kitchen sink, so we decided to make that concept a reality," said Rachel Day, Delta Faucet associate brand manager. While glass rinsers have long been a fixture in bars and restaurant kitchens, one designed for home use on the side of your kitchen sink will completely change your dishwashing game. "The Delta Glass Rinser provides a simple cleaning solution, increasing efficiency in the kitchen by thoroughly rinsing stubborn residue in seconds with high-pressure water jets that reach where you can't on virtually any drinkware."

Mattress Vacuum in White with handle


Raycop Upholstery and Mattress Vacuum

Your couch upholstery and mattress absorb body soil and dead skin cells that feed a host of dust mites. Deep cleaning a mattress or sofa isn't easy but the Raycop RS Pro UV makes it as simple as vacuuming. This handheld allergen vacuum emits heated air up to 150°F to remove nearly 100 percent of dust mites without the addition of chemicals, while the built-in UV light kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria. TrueHEPA filtration traps debris in the vacuum so it does waft back into the air in your home.

Maytag Pet Fur Laundry Filter in washing machine


Maytag Pet Pro Laundry System

We love our furry pets but not the hair that they shed. It's everywhere. Maytag's Pet Pro Laundry System can help. "We recognize the majority of pet owners struggle with pet hair," said Lauren Bigger, Maytag senior brand manager. "As a pet parent, I'm personally thrilled to see a laundry solution to help manage the daily challenge of pet hair. And professionally, we're incredibly excited to deliver the first laundry pair that is engineered for homes with pets so consumers can conquer pet hair like a pro." The washer has a special Pet Pro Filter and deep rinse to remove pet hair, while the dryer offers a no-heat, extended dry time to lift pet hair from clothes and capture it in the XL lint trap.

Samsung Bespoke Wall Mount Hood


Samsung Bespoke Wall Mount Hood

Recently, more studies have shone a light on just how much gas stoves can negatively affect the indoor air quality inside our homes and some states are now considering gas stove bans. To help mitigate this indoor air pollution, Samsung created the Bespoke Wall Mount Hood, which is equipped with an air quality sensor that tracks the cleanliness of the air in your kitchen while you cook. If a drop in air quality is detected, SmartThings Air will send suggestions for ways to address the issue.

Samsung Bespoke Washing Machine


Bespoke AI Washer with AI OptiWash

AI takes the guesswork out of doing the wash: Samsung's AI-equipped washer determines the weight and soil level of each load of laundry, and then adjusts the water, detergent, and wash time to match. The machine also reduces microfiber shedding by up to 54 percent, so each load of laundry releases less microfibers into waterways. The brand-new Bespoke Front Load contains AI Energy Mode, which optimizes the wash cycle and settings to save energy by up to 30 percent.

Heyjar Fruit and Vegetable Washer in blue


Heyjar Fruit and Vegetable Washer

If you spend a lot of time on TikTok, you'll likely recognize this clever kitchen gadget. When submerged in water alongside fruits and vegetables, this gadget works to clean the produce and remove pesticides. Some Amazon reviewers admit they were skeptical if this would really work, but once they saw all the dirt that was left behind in the water after rinsing fruit, they were convinced. Only fully charged, the device can be used for 25 washes.

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