Instant Stress Relievers

If only REAL SIMPLE. REAL LIFE. life coach Nicole Williams could come to your office every day and give you a healthy dose of motivation. Here’s the next best thing: Her tried-and-true methods for busting stress.

Photo by Nato Welton

Stress buster: Quenching your wanderlust
“When I’m hankering to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan but it’s not in the cards, I pretend I’m building a home on one of the Greek isles―a girl can dream,” says Nicole. Go to and create the perfect oasis of a room, with calming blue walls or luxurious furniture.

Stress buster: Getting a gossip fix
Says Nicole, “Hey, Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie are career girls too!” Check out the delightfully devilish

Stress buster: Getting a change of scenery
Nicole sometimes swaps her screensaver of puppy Missy for something more inspiring from “I still like Missy’s photo best.”

Stress buster: Belting out a song
Nicole, a fan of up-and-coming singer/songwriter Adele, sings along to the “Right as Rain” video on―with her office door closed.

Stress buster: Working out your aggression
“When I’m in for a long day and know I won’t make it to the gym, I download a short exercise or stretching video for my iPod,” says Nicole. Her favorite site:, where you can download videos starting at $1 apiece.