You can buy Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Moschino for less than you’ll find anywhere else.

By Laura Reilly
May 29, 2020
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This article originally appeared on InStyle.

In a move that may very well change the course of online shopping forever, industry titans Walmart and thredUP have joined forces to bring streamlined secondhand clothes shopping to the masses. Accuse us of hyperbole all you want, but marking today as a day that will change the game for years to come isn’t such a stretch.

Experts have long been flagging the quickly growing demand for a scalable secondhand clothing market and Walmart, reading the writing on the wall, made the bold move to bring aboard one company making that future possible: thredUP.

If you’ve ever bid for an item on eBay or messaged a seller on Depop, you may already be aware of some of the issues the peer-to-peer resale landscape presents; descriptions can be misleading, orders may get delayed, and sellers can drop off the map altogether.

With a platform like thredUP, all merchandise is funneled through a centralized system. Clothing is received, assessed for quality, photographed, and listed with all the relevant details so you know exactly what you’re getting. For its partnership with Walmart, thredUP is hosting nearly 750,000 items of ‘new’ or ‘like new’ clothing, plus shoes and accessories that meet those evaluations or are marked ‘gently used.’ And, to our delight, the brands featured are among some of our favorites.

Pre-owned pieces from designers like Phillip Lim, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Moschino are selling for leaps and bounds less than market value. Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstenberg, Cynthia Rowley, and Theory are all listed at bargain prices. And it’s not just high-end labels that are selling for fractions, our casual faves are radically affordable, too. Just see for yourself how low prices go on Free People, J Brand, Zara, and Madewell.

thredUP’s sophisticated centralized processing infrastructure combined with Walmart’s sweeping distribution capabilities could well mean a drastic shift towards buying used over new, a change that’s long overdue in our combined journey towards sustainability.

This partnership wants to make waste less prevalent and help us look good (for less) in the process.

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