This is the most impressive thing we've seen all day. 

Packed Brown Suitcase
Credit: moodboard/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

Packing a carry-on can be hard, even if you’re just heading out on a weekend trip.

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Now imagine packing more than 100 different items into one single carry-on. That’s what Biaggi—a luggage brand focused on foldable bags—had actress and traveler Rachel Grant do to show off one of their carry-on designs.

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It was also the perfect opportunity for the former Bond girl to share some of her helpful packing tips, too, including clever uses for rubber bands, Ziploc bags, and packing cubes.

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Just think of the possibilities—100 items could get you a long way in terms of travel outfits. And just imagine the money you’ll save on bag fees.

This Story Originally Appeared On Travel + Leisure