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By Ana Calderone and Emily Strohm
Updated May 04, 2018
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Chip and Joanna Gaines Today Show
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This article originally appeared on People.

Baking can be tricky, even when you’re Joanna Gaines.

The Fixer Upper star, who just released her debut cookbook Magnolia Table, shares her perfect biscuit recipe in the latest issue of PEOPLE—but Gaines only figured out the secret to the breakfast staple after plenty of practice.

“It took me a year of Saturdays to get these biscuits just right,” she writes in the very first recipe of her cookbook. “Almost every weekend for months I worked up another batch for Chip and the kids to taste and then wrote down their feedback. Biscuit after biscuit was judged to be too heavy, too light, too flat, too salty, too dry, or just…not right.”

Using her kids Duke, 9, Drake, 13, Emmie, 8, and Ella, 11, as taste testers only encouraged the pregnant home designer, who is due with the couple’s fifth child this summer, to keep trying until she got it right.

“I vividly remember the moment I finally nailed it, when the whole family declared simultaneously, ‘This is it,'” she says. As for what did the trick, Gaines credits her “unusual addition of eggs” to the dough and her method of making sure each of the biscuits is touching in the pan before getting baked.

“Chip thinks they are nothing less than heaven on earth,” she says. “Every Saturday he has the same breakfast—fried eggs cooked over-medium and two biscuits, one slathered with butter and strawberry jam and the other one tucked under a generous serving of sausage gravy. Every week he declares that it’s the best breakfast he has ever had.”

The HGTV star’s bumpy road towards perfection in the kitchen is exactly why she loves cooking. “I really feel like this isn’t something that you have to be amazing at. It’s just the idea of getting after it, trying it, being okay with failing,” she tells PEOPLE, “but then there’s so much more reward.”

Get Gaines’ full recipe here.

  • By Ana Calderone
  • By Emily Strohm

This Story Originally Appeared On People