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By Christie Calucchia
Updated November 20, 2019
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EnglishBliss/ Etsy

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.

Twenty-five years after Friends originally aired, people are still coming up with new ways to pay tribute to the show—and we’re so here for it. When it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree this holiday season, you can now add shimmering bulbs emblazoned with some of the most iconic quotes from the series to your collection of ornaments.

They’re available from an Etsy shop called EnglishBliss, and you can get one for just $10 or a customized set of four for $30. Each white, sparkling ornament features a different phrase written in the instantly recognizable Friends font. Some delightful quotes include “If I had to, I would pee on any of you!” and “They don’t know that we they know we know.” (We can’t help but read them in the voices of the characters.)

The ornaments would make a great White Elephant gift or a special present for a true Friends fan. Of course, you can always grab a set for yourself, too. Pro tip: Turn this into a fun game by seeing how quickly you can identify what episode each quote is from.

But don’t delay. December is just weeks away and who knows how many of these whimsical ornaments will stay in stock—the set is already a best-seller on Etsy!

Buy It! EnglishBliss How You Doin Friends TV Show Ornament, $10;

Buy It! EnglishBliss If I Had to, I Would Pee on Any of You Friends TV Show Ornament, $10;

Buy It! EnglishBliss They Don’t Know That We Know They Know We Know Friends TV Show Ornament, $10;

Buy It! EnglishBliss Miss Chanandler Bong Friends TV Show Ornament, $10;

Buy It! EnglishBliss I’m Fine Friends TV Show Ornament, $10;

Buy It! EnglishBliss Friends TV Show Ornament, Set of 4, $30;

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This Story Originally Appeared On People