15 Sustainable Household Product Switches to Make

Reduce your household's waste without disrupting your routines.

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According to the EPA, Americans generated 292.4 million pounds of municipal solid waste (aka trash) in 2018. That’s 4.9 pounds per person per day. That's pretty overwhelming—and so is the thought of entirely eliminating all the trash you produce in your day to day life. Switching to a lifestyle with less waste, however, doesn’t need to be a hassle. If you want to start living more sustainably, here are 15 eco-friendly product switches you can make in your own home, without completely reinventing your daily routines.

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wrap with a honeycomb pattern.


Beeswax wraps are a food-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Coated in beeswax and organic jojoba oil, the wraps wick away moisture to keep your food fresh. They use the warmth from your hands to create a seal around food, and can be cleaned for reuse with cold water and mild detergent. At the end of their lifecycle, the wraps can even be composted to prevent landfill waste.

Dish Soap Bar

A bar of concentrated dish soap.


Concentrated dish soap is a great way to reduce the number of plastics in your kitchen. This option from Net Zero Co. is free from dyes, artificial fragrances, and parabens. To use, wet sponge or brush with water and rub it against the soap bar to create a lather before scrubbing dishes clean.

Bamboo Vegetable Brush

A bamboo vegetable brush.


Keep your fruits and veggies squeaky clean with plant-based brushes. Made from bamboo and recycled plastic bristles, this environmentally conscious cleaning option won’t scratch or bruise your produce.

Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Reuseable cotton mesh product bags holding a variety of produce.


Skipping the plastic produce bags at the grocery store is an easy way to reduce the number of single-use plastics in your lifestyle. Instead, invest in some cotton mesh produce bags to bring. These reusable bags can be machine-washed in cold water and come in a variety of different sizes to suit your shopping needs.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

A bamboo cutting board from Grove.co.


If you’re in need of new cutting boards, bamboo is a sustainable and durable alternative to wood or plastic. It’s even naturally antibacterial and easy on knives. For upkeep, wash bamboo cutting boards with mild soap and warm water, making sure to let them dry fully before use.

Cloth Napkins

Six colorful cloth napkins.


Reduce kitchen waste by swapping paper napkins for cloth. You can shop for cloth napkins online or make your own from fabric scraps you have on hand. Colorful prints are a great way to add personality to your kitchen or a festive tablescape. Simply throw used napkins in a washing machine on warm to prep for reuse.

Swedish Dishcloth

Swedish Dish Dream Cloth from HiveBrands.com.


These super-absorbent and stylish dishcloths are the perfect replacement for single-use paper towels. Perfect for cleaning up spills, wiping the counter, or doing dishes, these cloths can be thrown in the washing machine when dirty. The cloth is even biodegradable and compostable because it's made of 100 percent plant material.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Panga bamboo toothbrush.


We’ve all taken the free toothbrush from the dentist’s office without thought. Bamboo toothbrushes, however, can reduce the amount of waste added to landfills. The bamboo handle is completely compostable, but nylon bristles must be removed before composting. And added design features, like a flat bottom that allows it to stand on its own, kids sizes available, make this option extra-special.

Bamboo Floss

Bamboo floss in a refillable glass jar from Bamboo Switch.


Say so long to plastic dental floss. This bamboo alternative is great for your teeth and the environment. It comes in a reusable glass jar (floss refills are available to purchase online) and is completely biodegradable.

Toothpaste Tablets

Huppy's Peppermint toothpaste tablets.


Freshen up your dental hygiene with Huppy’s toothpaste tablets. Pop one in your mouth, chew it up, wet your toothbrush, and brush. The tablet-turned-paste naturally whitens teeth and freshens breath with clean ingredients like peppermint oil and aloe vera. The packaging is even biodegradable and recyclable, unlike your standard toothpaste tube.

Bar Shampoo and Conditioner

HiBAR's Maintain solid conditioner.


Bar shampoo and conditioner is another easy way to remove plastics from your self-care routine. These HiBAR shampoo and conditioner bars use plastic-free shipping materials that are entirely compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable. To use the bars, simply cup them in your palm and massage through wet hair for salon-quality care.

Reuseable Bamboo Cotton Rounds

Net Zero Co.'s reuseable bamboo cotton rounds and pouches.


If you reach for a new cotton round every time you need to remove your makeup, try out these bamboo cotton rounds instead. Use as normal, then place the rounds in the mesh washing bag for easy washing in the laundry. Each cotton round features a velour side and a terrycloth side (great for removing stubborn long-lasting makeup).

Dryer Balls

White wool dryer balls.


Switch from dryer sheets to dryer balls. This eco-friendly alternative both softens and dries laundry at a faster rate. Throw in a couple with each load in the dryer, and you’ll be saving money on dryer sheets in no time. Plus, dryer balls are reusable and made to last.

Laundry Tablets

Blueland's laundry detergent tablets.


Ditch plastic detergent tubs and plastic-wrapped laundry pods for this simple switch: laundry tablets. The dry-form tablet lifts both stains and dirt from laundry for a powerful clean. To use, place one tablet directly in the washing machine drum. For large loads, double up on tablets.

Microfiber Washing Bag

Guppyfriend's microfiber washing bag.


Every time clothes are washed, microfibers are released from garments and make their way into rivers and oceans. Synthetic microfibers, such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon, are harmful for the environment. Here's an easy solution: A microfiber washing bag, like this one from Guppyfriend. This laundry bag filters out microfibers during washing, and reduces fiber breakage, making your clothes last longer.

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