This USB Candle Lighter Is the Best Gadget I’ve Ever Received—and It’s Only $14

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As a shopping writer, I’m constantly learning about some of the best products on the market, and I love sharing what I find with my friends and family. But the ultimate treat is when someone I love shares something they’ve discovered with me. And that’s exactly what happened when my best friend, Hillary, included this USB candle lighter as part of my birthday gift. Long story short, it’s now the coolest thing I own.

As much as I enjoy candles, I’ve long hated the process of lighting them. I’m afraid of burning myself if I use a match, and traditional lighters can feel cumbersome (and hard to light). So, when I opened the Suprus candle lighter and Hillary announced that it was easy to use, rechargeable, and one of her new favorite things, I was more than intrigued. I was also convinced it had a high price, so when she said it was under $20 (it’s only $14 at Amazon), I was shocked.

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To buy: $14;

Just like other lighters, the Suprus USB lighter has a safety lock switch you need to press to unlock it. But that’s where the similarities end. Unlike other models, the USB lighter, which has more than 30,400 five-star ratings, uses electricity rather than any kind of fuel to produce a flame. Plus, the LED lights on the lighter’s handle (or barrel) will indicate when it’s low on battery and requires a recharge (all four lights are lit when it’s fully charged). 

Even though I knew Hillary wouldn’t steer me wrong, I couldn’t imagine a world in which a lighter that didn’t use any kind of lighter fluid could produce a flame on a candle. But I was proven wrong in seconds when I tipped it toward my candle’s wick, and the candle instantly glowed to life. Not only did I agree that a USB candle lighter was my new favorite gadget, but I also found myself lighting candles more frequently because the process felt easier and safer. Then I did what so many do when they find a new gadget they love: I told my mom, and now she’s a fan too.

If you’re hoping to find an easier solution than a traditional lighter that’s tough to unlock and light, consider the Suprus USB lighter. Pick up one for $14 at Amazon and join me in enjoying candles even more. 

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