These 5 States Are Spending the Most on Eggs Right Now, According to Instacart

Sorry, California.


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Need a dozen eggs? You might want to increase your weekly grocery budget. As you may have noticed, egg prices are on the rise thanks to inflation coupled with an egg shortage, which was triggered by an outbreak of the bird flu (avian influenza) that impacted more than 57 million birds. But exactly how much are consumers paying for eggs these days?

Just ask the folks at grocery delivery platform Instacart, who examined the company’s purchase data and found that the price Instacart customers have spent on a dozen eggs has increased by a whopping 54 percent year-over-year, comparing December 2022 to December 2021. Not surprisingly, exactly how much you’re paying for a dozen eggs depends on where you live. Generally speaking, shoppers in Midwestern states are spending the least, while those on the coasts are shelling out much more than usual.

Curious to know where shoppers are spending the most on eggs, as well as the least? Keep reading for more information.

States With the Most Expensive Eggs

States in the West and South have some of the most expensive eggs in the nation.


Citizens of Hawaii may be surrounded by beaches and palm trees, but the state is also where shoppers can expect to spend nearly $10 for a dozen eggs—or an average of $9.73, to be exact.


While Florida’s egg prices are 53 percent lower than Hawaii’s, on average, shoppers in the Sunshine State can expect to spend $6.36 for a dozen eggs. Additionally, several Florida cities have seen similar increases, including Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.


In neighboring Alabama, consumers spend approximately $6.12 for a dozen eggs, just slightly less than those in Florida.


Residents of Nevada can expect to spend an average of $6.07 for eggs, making omelets, quiches, and scrambled eggs more expensive.


If you live in California, you can expect to pay about $6.05 for a carton of eggs. In the Bay Area eggs cost an average of $6.27, while they cost around $6.01 in Orange County, and just $5.87 in San Diego.

A map illustrating the rising cost of eggs in America


States With the Least Expensive Eggs

Although Midwestern states are, on average, spending the least on a dozen eggs, they are also experiencing the greatest upward price surges compared to the rest of the country.


For the cheapest eggs in the country, head to Missouri. In the Midwestern state, consumers spend just $4.24 for 12 eggs.


Nearby Nebraska also has some of the cheapest eggs in the nation, with a dozen costing an average of $4.25.


Shoppers in Indiana spend an average of $4.33 on eggs—just a bit more than nearby Missouri, but less than neighbors Illinois and Ohio.


Speaking of Ohio, eggs in the Buckeye State currently cost an average of $4.39.


In Kansas, shoppers can nab a dozen eggs for an average price of $4.41. In neighboring Colorado, eggs are significantly more expensive at $5.77 a carton.

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