Space of the Week: This Peachy Living Room Is Packed With Holiday Cheer—And One of 2023’s It Colors

Get inspired to use this hue in your own space.

Space of the Week, December 2022 print issue peach paint in living room with bay window and two Christmas trees

Courtesy Kate Arends

When Kate Arends of Wit & Delight laid eyes on the living room in her soon-to-be home in St. Paul, Minnesota, it was love at first sight. Sort of. She could imagine her family stashing gifts under a Christmas tree. (This idea later became two trees, nestled by the bay window.) She couldn’t, however, imagine keeping the punchy peach walls. But once she realized how magical the color looked against the view, she ditched her plan to go all white. She embraced the room’s whimsical vibe and filled the space with a mix of vintage and contemporary decor.

Paint everything one color

The walls, trim, baseboards, molding, and door frames are all the same shade, making the room feel cozy and modern.

Think about how the space will be used

Kate wanted the layout to encourage quiet reading time, gathering, and conversation, so she skipped the sink-into-it sectional and arranged armchairs and a settee in a traditional pattern.

Mingle old and new

Kate loves unexpected juxtapositions, like the bistro table and floral sofa. “You might not think the modern and the vintage pair, but they look at home together, and the combination is really exciting,” she says.

Get the Look

A tray of golden spoons on a background of Benjamin Moore's Dust Pink paint color.

Picture-Perfect Paint

A Dusk Pink paint color is the perfect pop of color. A mix of pink and coral, it creates the same feeling as a sunset.

A white plaster pedestal bistro table.

Bistro Table

This classic white bistro table is bold and slightly textured, making it a great choice for a statement piece of furniture. Place it in front of a colorful wall to create contrast.

The Princeton 20" Wide Chrome and Crystal 8-Light Chandelier.

Shining Chandelier

Looking to class up your room? New or thrifted, crystal brings the glam. A chandelier can brighten the space while adding sophistication.

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