From Sheets to Alarm Clocks, These Are the 8 Sleep Products Our Shopping Editors Love

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Sleep Week Team Favorites Tout

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The right sleep can make you feel invincible. When you’re perfectly rested, you’re happier, more in control, and ready to face the day. Needless to say, we’re all in pursuit of that immaculate combination: the right pillow, pajama set, alarm clock, and more that make catching your Zs as effortless as possible. 

Every March, the National Sleep Foundation hosts Sleep Awareness Week, a campaign after the “spring forward” (ugh) day that has us all dreading losing an hour of rest. The Monday after resetting the clock feels painful, and the National Sleep Foundation uses the opportunity to remind us of the effects that sleep has on our health and well-being. 

And as professional reviewers and shopping writers ourselves, the team at Real Simple has evaluated quite a few “best sleep ever” products to help get those eight hours of bliss. Here are our favorites.

Brushed Cotton Sheet Set


Parachute Brushed Cotton Sheets

“I tried Parachute’s Brushed Cotton Sheets years ago, and they’ve been my favorite sheets ever since. They’re soft without being too soft—think the crispness of hotel sheets combined with the comfort of your favorite broken-in T-shirt—and I can use them year-round because they don’t make me overheat in warmer months, but they’re still plenty cozy on chilly winter nights.” —Brittney Morgan, Associate Editorial Director

To buy: from $169;

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan


Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

“I’m a hot sleeper, and I’ve also learned I sleep so much better with white noise. My bedroom doesn’t have a fan, so I added this Honeywell Tower fan years ago. Even on the lowest setting, it cools down my room—and I love the oscillating feature too. I use this every night, and I miss it when I go on vacation. I can’t recommend it highly enough!” —Carly Totten, Senior Commerce Writer

To buy: $70 (was $75);

Mulberry Silk Eyemask


Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

“I never thought a sleep mask would actually help me sleep more, but this one helps block out any light that will wake me and it also feels comfortable. I love this one so much, I bought an extra one to keep in my travel kit so I always have one when I am on the road.” —Dwyer Frame, Senior Vice President, Commerce

To buy: $25 (was $29);

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow


PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

“The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow was my first purchase when I found out I was pregnant. I’m normally a stomach sleeper, but this snug, U-shaped pillow cocoons you and offers great back support making it easy to fall asleep on your side. The double-zipper area with no filling naturally scoops out to fit your arm, and the attached smaller pillow fits between your legs for ultimate comfort. It’s my favorite sleep purchase—I have been sleeping with this pillow since before there was a bump and will be after the bump.” —Gabriela Izquierdo, Commerce Writer

To buy: $40 (was $100);

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase


Slip Pink Queen Envelope Pillowcase

“Silk pillowcases reduce friction on your hair and skin, making them great for getting rid of frizz and tangles and for people who are prone to acne. I have sensitive skin and hair that frizzes easily, so the Slip pillowcases are perfect for me. They feel so luxurious, too.” —Lauren Taylor, Commerce Writer

To buy: $71 (was $89);

Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Smart Light at Amazon


Hatch Alarm Clock

“My ultimate sleep secret weapon is this sunrise alarm clock from Hatch. The smart alarm clock has customizable sleep and wake-up presets, which I can control from my phone. Before bed, I simply tap the clock to start a 20-minute reading light with crackling bonfire sounds, a 10-minute sleep meditation, and a 10-minute ocean wave soundscape. I actually feel my body get heavier as I drift off to sleep. Come morning, I slowly wake up thanks to a 30-minute simulated sunrise with gentle birds chirping—a welcome replacement to my jarring phone alarm.” —Lily Gray, Associate Commerce Editor

To buy: $130;

Hey Dewy Wireless, Rechargeable, Self-Care, Skin-Nourishing, Hydrating, Portable Cool Mist Humidifier


Hey Dewy Portable Cool Mist Humidifier

“The air in our home is so dry; we're in the midst of looking into whole-house humidifiers, but in the meantime, I've been relying on my small but mighty Hey Dewy Portable Humidifier. I suffer from dry skin and am prone to nosebleeds when our bedroom overheats or gets too dry, and thanks to this little guy, I haven't had an incident in months. It's so quiet I often forget it's even on. I keep it on my nightstand, turn it on before bed, and wake up without any sinus pain.” —Wendy Vazquez, Commerce Writer

To buy: $60;



Natori Serenity Cardigan Robe

“Recently, I’ve embraced the power of a robe as a wind-down item. Slipping into a robe after my workday ends relaxes me and gets me ready for nighttime—while I can climb into my pajamas when I’m actually ready to actually sleep. This soft-to-touch marshmallow sweater knit robe from Natori is so absolutely decadent that I find myself lingering in it long after my shower. And yes, I’ve even slept in it a few times. Act fast to snag your own while it’s 34 percent off.” —Grace Smith, Commerce Writer

To buy: $98 (was $150);

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