Keep Your Small Kitchen Tidy and Clutter-Free With This Clever, Space-Saving Cutting Board—and It's on Sale

No counter space, no problem.

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Cutting Board with Collapsible Containers and Graters


More often than not, there never seems to be enough counter space in our kitchens. With toaster ovens, coffee makers, and other gadgets taking up valuable real estate, it's crucial to maximize your kitchen layout with clever tools designed to save space and keep your counters clutter-free. That's precisely why Amazon shoppers have flocked to the ingenious Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board.

The multifunctional "small kitchen lifesaver" is no ordinary cutting board. Simpli Better's box design is equipped with a sturdy bamboo top outfitted with juice grooves and indented handles. The cutting board includes four collapsible, stackable, and microwave-safe storage containers with snap-on lids, five interchangeable graters that fit directly over the drop slot, and a hand safeguard. 

Slice or chop your ingredients and neatly pile them into one of the expandable bins using the drop slot to keep your recipes organized and your workspace clear. The cutting board should be hand-washed after use, but everything else can be tossed in the dishwasher.

Cutting Board with Collapsible Containers and Graters


To buy: $55 (was $65);

According to one five-star reviewer, the Simpli Better cutting board makes "it so easy to chop up the ingredients" for meals and "have a place for them without having to put them in the sink or on the stove." They added, "I'm so happy that I can finally cook a good meal again, even with the smallest of kitchens."

The compact device was praised by another shopper who bought the cutting board to use in their camper. "The drawers make it very convenient to slice multiple items," they noted. "Usually, I had a cutting board, a strainer, and a bowl out to do this job. Now all I need is this board."

For a third customer, it was the perfect solution for "messy helpers" in their kitchen. "I used to spend a lot of time cleaning up after others when they cooked, and this cutting board helps keep the prep area clean and organized. No more piles of dishes and containers or food left over on the counter."

Make meal prepping a breeze with help from the nifty Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board. Right now, you can grab it on sale at Amazon for $55.

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