This Surprisingly Stylish $30 Bug Trap 'Works Disgustingly Well'—and It's Incredibly Easy to Empty

Gnats, mosquitoes, and fruit flies won’t know what hit ‘em.

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Zevo Electric Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit

Fruit flies, mosquitoes, and outdoor blow flies are just a few pesky bugs that love to show up in your home come summertime. And once they're inside, it's almost impossible to get them out. While you can try to swat them or use a bug zapper, let's just say it's more work than it's worth. So why not go with a nifty tool that does the insect catching for you? Say hello to the Zevo Flying Insect Trap that does all the hard work for $30.

The Zevo flying insect trap plugs right into an outlet and actually lures flying bugs to their demise. Instead of releasing toxic sprays or odors, the trap emits blue and UV lights in the back of the device, attracting the flies. Once they're drawn to the light, there's a sticky trap cartridge waiting for them, eliminating your pest problem with minimal effort on your part.

Zevo Electric Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit

To buy: $30 (was $38);

In addition to the nifty light, the trap also uses technology to mimic the temperature of a human's body, making it especially attractive for blood-sucking mosquitoes or flying gnats. After a while, you'll notice fewer and fewer flying insects in your home. It's recommended to check the sticky cartridge in 15-day increments and replace it with a new one once it's full of bugs.

What's especially nice is that you'll never have to touch the nasty film ever. The cartridge actually has a little spot for your thumb and index finger, so you can remove and replace it easily—and without getting grossed out.

Shoppers who love the device use it in their living rooms, bathrooms, basements, garages—really any problem area where flies roam. However, there's one spot in particular where several reviewers use the Zevo: the kitchen. It's perfect to eliminate flies hovering around fruit, plants, and even pet food. And the consensus is in: It "works disgustingly well!"

One Amazon shopper who gave it a perfect five-star rating said, "This thing works like magic! Gnats have been a plague for me since moving to Texas. Having this in my home brings great relief." Another who also uses it as a nightlight simply said, "Wow, this catches everything!"

It's won over people with pets, too. One pet owner who confirms the trap works wrote, "I have always had an issue with those tiny little fruit flies because of my cat's wet food. Plugged this baby in and in the first night, it killed over 20 of them! I already ordered a second one for my other bathroom."

Save yourself time and energy from swatting flies—get the Zevo Flying Insect Trap now while it's on sale at Amazon.

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