I Didn't Understand the Hype Around This Tumbler Until It Kept My Tea Piping Hot for 12 Hours Straight

I’m now an official Yeti fan club member.

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If you saw the heartbreakingly lovely 2019 drama Marriage Story (and if not, you should) starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, you might remember the intro that followed Driver's voice through their home as he spoke about his wife's habit of leaving mostly full mugs of tea on nearly every surface. Thankfully, for my own marriage, I didn't find much to relate to between these two characters, but my husband instantly looked at me as we watched and started laughing during this opening scene as I remembered an abandoned cup of English breakfast placed on a bookshelf earlier that day.

I, like Johansson's Nicole, routinely make myself some tea and then completely forget about it as I get caught up in another task. To make up for it, I've made myself new hot water, popped my mug into the microwave, or drank it cold in spite of myself, but nothing compares to that fresh, just-brewed taste. I was convinced there is no cure for my forgetfulness, until my husband started bragging about his coffee remaining hot for hours on end thanks to the Yeti Rambler.


To buy: $35; yeti.com.

This insulated tumbler is made from durable stainless steel that's puncture- and rust-resistant on the outside and has a double-wall vacuum insulation on the inside. The lid has a slide design fitted with a magnet that keeps things hot or cold when closed and doesn't drip when you slide it open and take a sip. Both pieces are dishwasher-safe for added convenience—and if all of this wasn't enough to convince me that this was the solution to my tea troubles, my husband's constant astonishment over how hot his coffee stayed all day long eventually did the trick.

After ordering my own, I have to admit that I was hooked immediately after feeling the weight in my hand and further devoted after taking a sip of my pleasantly hot tea a full 12 hours after pouring it.

The Rambler comes in 10 colors, three sizes, and can be customized with initials or a logo, making it a highly personalized gift that any beverage devotee would be happy to receive. And if this particular model doesn't catch your eye, Yeti also has thermoses in other shapes, with handles, or with a straw to suit nearly anyone's style.

If you're sick of your favorite drink going cold (or hot), give the Yeti Rambler a chance to show what all the fuss is about and I'm sure you'll be just as hooked as me.

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