This $40 Shopper-Loved Table Fan Delivers a 'Refreshing Breeze'—and Blends Right in With Vintage Decor

Reviews love it so much, they’re buying it in multiple colors.

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Vornado Vfan Mini Classic Fan

Beating the summer heat while working or relaxing at home isn't as hard as you might think. All you need is a powerful fan that'll cool you down while also looking super stylish in your space. The Vornado Vfan Mini Classic Vintage Fan combines the best of both worlds, which is why it's loved by thousands of shoppers. The best part? It's just $40.

Truly, there are few desktop fans that look nearly as good as this one from Vornado. The fan has a retro appearance, giving off 1950s vibes thanks to its oval-like shape, metal details, and even the logo design on the base. The mini fan is definitely timeless and comes in seven colors and styles, including this classic green option that's cute enough to be a decor piece when not in use.

Vornado Vfan Mini Classic Fan

To buy: $40;

However, with constant warm weather in the forecast, we're willing to bet you'll have this fan running for the foreseeable future. Vornado is known for its cool-blasting fans, and this option is no different. It provides two speed settings that deliver a "refreshing breeze" and has a tilting head, allowing you to aim the air right on you as you tackle emails or binge watch on Netflix.

One shopper confirmed that even on its low setting, the Vornado fan "provides quite a strong breeze" while another even said, "It does such a good job that often I have to turn the fan off for a little bit because I am getting too cool."

Even though this impressive mini fan pushes out constant cool air, you'll appreciate that it won't make a ton of noise in the process. Customers said that on low, the fan is pretty quiet, producing "a nice quiet hum" that some actually like because it lulls them to sleep. Naturally, it's a bit louder on the high setting, so keep that in mind.

But it's no wonder several reviewers like to put the fan by their bedside table to cut through the heat and humidity. One shopper actually called it "a game changer for hot flashes," adding that it "doubles as a white noise machine for sleeping."

Others use the fan with more than 7,100 five-star ratings in the bathroom, kitchen, and office, too. And yes, shoppers love it so much, they're buying it in multiple colors for different parts of their home citing that "they're worth the money 100 percent."

Cool down with the Vornado mini fan that's as stylish as it is powerful for just $40.

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