Shoppers Are 'Speechless' Over How White This Best-Selling $19 Cleaner Makes Their Years-Old Shoes

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Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit

There are few things more pristine than a crisp new pair of bright white sneakers. This, unfortunately, lasts for all of a few minutes until those shoes are worn and introduced to the outside world and all of its dirt. Some people try to keep up with the inevitable buildup of grime by hand-washing or tossing their shoes in the laundry, but they're never the same. But more than 19,000 Amazon shoppers found a solution they say is "seriously incredible."

The Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit is the number-one, best-selling shoe cleaner at Amazon because it removes years of built-up dirt on shoes in no time. The formula contains non-toxic ingredients like saddle soap, gentle oils, and conditioners that are safe for shoes made out of nearly any color or fabric, like leathers, vinyl, suede, canvas, cloth, and more. Since the cleaner is a concentrate, just a few drops mixed with water is all you need to have more than enough to turn a pair of old, beat up shoes into ones that look good as new.

Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit

To buy: From $19;

The cleaner comes with a scrub brush to help make this purchase a one-stop shop for all your shoe cleaning needs. It's available in two sizes, and the smaller one is less than $20 and has enough of the concentrate in it to last "years," according to the brand.

Shoppers say they're "speechless" over how well the cleaner works. One reviewer shared that they used the cleaner on their daughter's 6-year-old leather cheerleading shoes and shared before and after photos. In the before, the sneakers were covered in grass stains and barely any white remained, but in the after shots, the shoes looked fresh out of the box. The shopper said the shoes are now "super clean after just a few drops of the cleaner. They added their advice to anyone on the fence about the cleaner by writing, "Just buy it! You deserve clean shoes!"

Transform your shoe collection back to its former glory by ordering the Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit from Amazon today.

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