This $20 White Noise Machine Is the Only Way I Can Get a Full Night's Rest

Fellow light sleepers, take note.

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Magicteam Sound Machines White Noise Machine

I have long referred to myself as the world's lightest sleeper, acknowledging that for much of my life, the slightest noise has kept me awake. I've tried nearly everything, and while earplugs are a near perfect solution, it was the incredible Amazon reviews for Magicteam's Sound Machine that convinced me to try something different.

Thanks to one compact white noise machine, some Amazon shoppers swear that getting a full night's rest is no longer a dream. There are countless reasons that someone can contend with insomnia, and if you've found yourself staring at the ceiling, counting down the hours until morning, this miniature gadget could be exactly what you need.

Magicteam Sound Machines White Noise Machine

To buy: $20;

Beloved for its miniature size that fits perfectly on a nightstand or shelf, the machine has nearly 18,000 positive reviews. "This has a big punch for something small enough to fit in your hand," one reviewer noted. One fan claimed their sleep has only improved since trying the product, writing, "I have actually started to sleep again at night."

The machine features 20 sounds, ranging from the crackle of a fire to the turning of a fan. As for me, I prefer the sounds of a light rain shower. Each sound can run throughout the entire night, or you can program it to run for a certain amount of time. Additionally, the unit saves your last preset sound, ensuring that when it's plugged in again, you can drift right back off to dreams of the beach.

One concern frequently raised by fans of white noise machines is whether or not the product comes with a soundloop. For those new to the machines, there are some that come with a noise that has an obvious starting and ending point, which can make restless sleepers even more restless, as they count the seconds until the noise repeats. Magicteam's machine doesn't have an overly noticeable loop to many of its chosen sounds, which is something that many reviewers took note of. "I CANNOT BEAR to hear repetitions or patterns in the track. This has absolutely nothing like that," a customer wrote.

After months of use, I can't imagine going to sleep without the sounds of a light shower. The world outside can continue on as normal, but with this white noise machine, I'm able to drift off easily, not stirring even when my cat gets the zoomies.

Try this white noise machine for yourself via Amazon.

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