This Stylish $40 Couch Cup Holder Tray Has a Genius Design That Replaces Bulky Side Tables

It’s perfect for small spaces.

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Elimiko Silicone Cup and Tray Holder

Whether you're drinking morning coffee or relaxing with a cold one on the couch, it's safe to say having a side table to rest your drink in between sips is crucial. The only problem? Not having enough space for extra furniture, especially if you live in a smaller home. That doesn't mean you have to choose between your beverage or living room lounging, though; Amazon shoppers found the solution in a clever cup and tray holder that sits right on the couch's arm rest for just $40.

The Elimiko Silicone Cup and Tray Holder is a nifty product because it's designed to hold both a filled-up glass and small knick knacks like a remote control, phone, and reading glasses. The couch cup holder is designed with two sleeves that wrap around armrests that are at least 6 inches wide, each with metal pipes at the end to hold it in place. The tray even has a buffer to prevent your items from sliding out.

Elimiko Silicone Cup and Tray Holder

To buy: $40;

The cup holder has a square construction with a built-in buffer as well, allowing it to hold both large mugs and narrow seltzer bottles. It even has a cutout on the back to accommodate handles. And because the couch drink holder is made with durable and heat-resistant silicone, you don't have to worry about it melting while holding hot beverages.

You'll also notice that the Elimiko cup holder is extremely stylish. It's probably one of the most elevated-looking options on Amazon right now thanks to its matte finish, neutral colors, and gold accents around the rim. It's so pretty, you won't mind having it on your couch when guests are over. In fact, you might even prefer it.

The couch cup holder is loved by hundreds of shoppers who have given it a perfect five-star rating. Reviewers say they use it on all kinds of couches including recliners at home and in RVs, too. And some even like it in lieu of a side table or to declutter their coffee table.

"This couch table tray is really beyond my imagination," wrote one happy shopper who said it has a secure design and noted that they love the metal ring on the cup holder. "No matter if it's a tall or fat bottle, it holds well. I have never seen it slip one time."

Another shopper loves it for its versatility. "It fits almost everything we use here at home, from water bottles to a cup of wine," they wrote. "Next to the remote, I usually put my phone and it fits perfectly."

And one last reviewer who bought it in blue appreciates its stylish and functional design, calling it "better than expected." "The weighted ends make this item sturdy while the color makes it classy," they wrote. "It's practical and definitely helps clear up the coffee table! I'll be ordering more in the same color."

Forget getting an expensive, bulky side table and shop the Elimiko Silicone Cup and Tray Holder that's going for $40 at Amazon.

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