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Feeling Burnt Out? Here Are 19 Products Our Editors Use to Practice Self-Care

Including easy ideas you can start today.
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Over the last five years, Google searches for self-care, self-care ideas, and self-care examples have been on a steady rise. The pandemic and a slew of other stressors have caused many of us to feel overwhelmed, so it only makes sense that people are looking for ways to feel better.

The good news is that self-care can be pretty simple and it's easy to start. Anything that contributes to your overall well-being and quality of life is self-care, and that can run the gamut from leisurely to exhilarating. Gentle feel-good activities, like steeping tea, meditating, and journaling, and more active pursuits, like pottery classes, running, and cleaning, can all be considered self-care if they're done with a sense of purpose.

"Intention is really important," Dr. Simoné Jalon-Main, the founding psychologist of SJM Psychology, LLC and former staff psychologist at Georgetown University School of Medicine says. Something like showering doesn't always feel like self-care, but it can be restorative if you make it a deliberate act of self-care. "When I want to decompress, I'll take a longer shower, and I will play my favorite music, light a candle—do something that brings a little more joy," she says. "And I make the intention: I'm doing this in order to take care of myself." 

Many tend to focus on some of the more obvious acts of care, like exercise or sleep, but they could be overlooking some other important areas of their lives. "When you look at the research, there are seven big overarching categories: physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, social, financial, and psychological," she says. "Those can all be a great place to start."

The next thing to consider: How often do we need to practice self-care? Daily is ideal, but that's not always practical. You can slowly ramp up your routine over time, and start with one small thing today and then incorporate another next week. But Jalon-Main suggests a mix of both preventative practices and reactive activities, and adding in more as needed, like after a particularly stressful week at work. 

Incorporating more self-care into your life doesn't have to be complicated. "Think back to things that have helped you feel connected and at peace," she says. And if you need some ideas, ask your friends about their go-tos, or read on for some Real Simple editor-loved suggestions. 

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LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light

$18, Amazon.com

"Reading every night helps me decompress and unwind, which helps me sleep better. And while this little light isn't absolutely necessary for my nighttime reading routine, it makes it even more enjoyable (and easier on my eyes). I love to turn off the lights, get cozy under a bunch of blankets, and enjoy this gadget's warm glow." –Jessica Leigh Mattern, Senior Amazon Ecommerce Editor

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IMake Compression Eye Pillow Mask

$14, Amazon.com

"Working from home has made me realize just how much blue light exposure affects me—mainly in terms of eye fatigue and headaches. This weighted eye pillow has been a game changer, helping me relieve stress and tension. It's also comfortable enough to wear to bed if needed. Bonus tip: Keep it in the freezer! The cooling sensation is so relaxing and soothing." –Emily Belfiore, Buying Guides Writer

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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

$129, Amazon.com

"Having a nice yoga mat has been crucial for me to create a seperate, zen space in my small apartment. Stepping off my wood floor onto the mat helps my mind shift from work or TV to self-care, whether I'm actually streaming a yoga class or just stretching my neck and back after a day sitting at the computer. I've tried cheaper mats, but the Manduka has proven to me why it's worth splurging on one: It doesn't slide or bunch in transitions, I don't slip when I start to get sweaty, and it's the just-right thickness to offer comfort and support without being squishy and hard to balance on." –Claudia Fisher, Ecommerce Deputy Digital Director

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Crockd DIY Pottery Kit

$64, Nordstrom.com

"Since most of my days are spent staring at a screen, I try to unwind by looking at anything but a digital display. DIY projects are a great way to take my mind off things, and this pottery kit by Crockd is one of my favorites. It comes with everything you need to sculpt your own clay mug, vase, or plate. I even got my sister hooked on it when she came to visit me, and now it's our favorite way to spend time together whenever she's around." –Nina Huang, Lifestyle Ecommerce Writer

Credit: oliveandjune.com

Olive & June Complete Mani System

$80, Oliveandjune.com

"I never enjoyed painting my nails because I would put so much effort into it only to have the polish smudge or chip in less than a day. My mom gave me the Olive and June Complete Mani System for my birthday two years ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. Now I actually look forward to the time I spend making my nails look beautiful as my own form of self-care, and the best part is that the polish lasts for days without chipping." –Anna Knief, Ecommerce Managing Editor

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Hatch Restore Smart Sunrise Alarm Clock

$130, Target.com

"I've been using this smart clock for more than a year, and it's now a part of my nighttime and morning routine. My current bedtime routine has sounds and time scheduled for reading, winding down, and sleeping. And the alarm is one of my favorite parts. Instead of being jolted out of a dream with the alarm on my phone, I wake up to birds chirping instead." –Sanah Faroke, Amazon Ecommerce Writer

Credit: target.com

Eos Shea Better Vanilla Cashmere Body Lotion

$10, Target.com

"I love products that make everyday things more exciting, like moisturizing my skin with this rich body lotion. It might sound dramatic, but this lotion seriously boosts my mood. The formula is so smooth and hydrating on my dry winter skin, and the scent is pleasantly sweet. I get whiffs of the vanilla notes throughout the day and always receive compliments from friends whenever I use it." –Bridget Degnan, Performance Content Writer

Credit: amazon.com

Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

$70 (was $95), Amazon.com

"This facial steamer was an impulse quarantine purchase back in 2020, but I'm so glad I got it. My nightly skincare routine is forever changed. It not only opens up my pores and really lets my face masks, cleansers, and serums seep into my skin, but it's (more importantly) a super relaxing process. I basically get to create my own spa in my bathroom, and there is no better way to relax than that." –Jennifer Maldonado, Ecommerce Editor

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Staub Cast Iron Cocotte

$320, Amazon.com

"At the beginning of the pandemic, I cultivated my own sourdough starter and was baking bread a few times a week. I hadn't invested in a Dutch oven prior and finally pulled the plug on this beautiful Staub. At the time, baking bread was the most cathartic thing I could have done for myself, and while I must admit I've let my starter die, I haven't stopped using my Dutch oven. It's the perfect vessel to make cold-weather stews, cinnamon-laced sticky buns, and even roast some chicken parts. I pull it out anytime I need to carve out some time just for myself — and I end up with something unbelievably delicious when I'm done." –Amy Schulman, Amazon eCommerce Writer

Credit: so-hum.ca

SoHum Candles Cashmere and Tonka Bean Candle

$15, So-hum.ca

"Lighting a candle has always been an easy way for me to reset before winding down, but I have an extremely sensitive nose. This hand-poured soy candle combines hints of musk, cedar, amber, and warm vanilla into an intoxicating scent that envelops your space without feeling overpowering. And I love how it opts for a woodwick, which crackles like an actual fire." –Braelyn Wood, Health and Wellness Ecommerce Writer

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Pursoma Digital Detox Bath

$34, Violetgrey.com

"After my physical therapist recommended trying a hot bath to relax my lower back muscles, I've made it my mission to seek out the best bath salts. Nothing has smelled as good or has worked as well as Pursoma's Digital Detox bath salts, which remind me of a lavender garden and don't leave my skin super dry. I always feel less achy and relaxed after a bath, and sleep better, too." –Nina Huang, Lifestyle Ecommerce Writer

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Youth Got This Serum

$24 (was $27), Amazon.com

"During the pandemic, I've found a lot of comfort in taking time to take a little extra care of myself. One of the ways I do this is sticking to a daily and nightly skincare routine. I've been using the Youth Got This retinol serum and moisturizer from Bliss, and I've been so impressed with how much softer and smoother my skin feels. It's a small step in my routine, but it's definitely made a difference in how I feel starting and ending the day." –Madeline Diamond, Ecommerce Writer

Credit: amazon.com

Echanfit Magnetic Rowing Machine

$332 with coupon (was $350), Amazon.com

"Like most people, there's a direct correlation with my mental health and how I feel physically. I've tried so many different at-home workouts and failed miserably, but this rower is by far the easiest workout you could possibly do. I'm constantly pushing the limits and finding new ways to work out. Whenever the day comes where we do find our new normal, I'll be here, calmly row, row, rowing my boat out of quarantine." –Jaclyn Mastropasqua, Production Manager

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Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

$55, Amazon.com

"I first got this as a sample size, but I ended up purchasing the full size because I loved it so much. The scent is super calming and makes me feel like I've just left a high-end spa. Plus, it leaves my skin soft and glowing and has been a lifesaver for extra skin hydration during the winter. It's on the pricier side, but I only need two to three drops for my entire face so it lasts for several months." –Hannah Freedman, Ecommerce Content Strategist

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Headspace Subscription

$70, Headspace.com

"My fiancé bought us a subscription to Headspace to calm us down during the midst of an apartment search last year, and I've used it daily ever since. I have always struggled with meditating, but Headspace has a wide range of meditation topics and course lengths that actually keep my attention. The courses on specific feelings, like letting go of stress or finding focus, are particularly helpful in grounding me when my mind goes into overdrive." –Katie Macdonald, Ecommerce Food Editor

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Mara Natural Chlorella and Reishi Sea Vitamin C Serum

$96, Amazon.com

"My skincare routine has fallen by the wayside lately, but this Mara Vitamin C serum is often the one thing I use—applying it feels like coating my skin in a hug, and leaves my skin dewy and bright. This and a cup of tea with milk are my chill-out go-tos." –Rachel Nussbaum, Senior Beauty eCommerce Writer

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Capri Blue Volcano Scented Glass Candle

$34, Amazon.com

"A big part of my self-care routine includes aromatherapy, and this candle is one of the best. This scent is formulated with notes of tropical fruit and sugared citrus. There is something about its energizing scent that is both mood-boosting and stress-relieving." –Olivia Hanson, Ecommerce Editorial Assistant

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New Balance 624 Sneakers

$75, Amazon.com

"I like to go for long walks outside to decompress after spending all day working inside. Since I'm prone to shin splints, I need supportive shoes. These cushiony New Balance sneakers have helped me comfortably traverse miles and miles of pavement over the past few months." –Isabel Garcia, Ecommerce Deals Writer

MyPaintByNumbers Paint by Number DIY Kit

$13, Etsy.com

"In a surprising twist, COVID has gotten me really into paint by numbers. It took me a while to find adult ones (there are some at Michaels but they are very much for children), the best of which are on Etsy. It's an activity that forces my brain to focus solely on the project at hand and nothing else." –Tamim Alnuweiri, Beauty Ecommerce Writer