This Cable Management Box That Hides Away Ugly Cords Will Make Your Home Look Neat and Tidy for $27

Out of sight, out of mind.

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D-Line Cable Management Box, Cord Organizer Box to Hide & Conceal Power Strips

Even if your home is neat and tidy, just leave it to a string of electrical cables to make it look unkempt. While you can try hiding cords by sticking them in corners or threading them under furniture, you know they're there—and they can become an eyesore to you and your guests. Yikes. It's why thousands of shoppers opt for a wire organizer, and this management cable box from D-Line is so discrete, you'll forget it's even there.

Made from durable plastic, the cord organizer is sturdy and has a sleek appearance that'll keep wires out of sight, out of mind. The large box is long enough to house a five-outlet extension cord and is designed with two little openings on the back. This allows wires from your fan, hair iron, or computer to plug into the extension cord outlet inside without drawing attention.

D-Line Cable Management Box, Cord Organizer Box to Hide & Conceal Power Strips

To buy: $27 (was $29);

The cable manager box also comes with a lid that encases wires, allowing the whole thing to really blend into the background. And since electronics sometimes get hot, you'll appreciate that the lid has ventilation holes, too. Additionally, shoppers confirm that the enclosed feature is ideal for those who have curious children or pets who like to gnaw on electronics. Really, it's stylish and securing all at the same time.

All you have to do is to put the fully-enclosed side of the box toward the front, and no one will be the wiser. It's available in white and black and comes in sizes small and large; just keep in mind that if you're planning to connect multiple devices, go up a size.

People have used the cable box to hide network cables from the TV stand, work computer wires in their at-home office, and even electric toothbrush chargers and curling iron cords in the bathroom.

You can see why the cable management box has earned nearly 7,000 five-star ratings on Amazon so far. In fact, one shopper actually called it a "great life upgrade."

D-Line Cable Management Box, Cord Organizer Box to Hide & Conceal Power Strips

"All of the cords under the desk in my home office for the computer, keyboard, speakers, printer, etc were a big jumbled mess," wrote one shopper who also declared, "Everyone needs this!" They even said that "this cable box makes the area look so much more neat now" and confirmed that it's "a million times easier" to clean under their work stations since they don't have to get under every single cord.

Another who lives in a small home and uses multiple surge protectors shared, "I really didn't like how they looked being out in the open, but these boxes were a perfect solution to help hide them away. I have one in each size."

Put unsightly electrical cords away without giving up on your tech by getting the on-sale D-Line management cable box that's $27 for a large at Amazon.

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