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10 Clever Organizers That Will Help You Get Your Life Together—All Under $40 for Prime Day

From stackable food containers to roll-up dish racks.
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Amazon Prime Day is known for incredible deals on fashion and beauty products, but you can also save big on clever gadgets and accessories to clean and organize every part of your home, from the closet to the refrigerator. Items like space-saving hangers and stackable food containers are on sale for prices so low, it's hard to believe. 

Of the thousands of household items that are discounted today, we picked out 10 products—all under $40—that are well worth your money. They include the site's best-selling shower shelf that requires no tools for installation and a dish-drying rack that's so robust, you'll think it's just another beautiful stainless steel kitchen appliance. If these sound like things your home could use, then log in to your Amazon account: If you're already a Prime member, you'll see the sale prices as you browse. If not, try out a free membership today to get the discounts. Read on to discover 10 of the most clever organizers on sale now through June 22, when Prime Day ends. Just remember, if you see something you like, check out quickly: The best things usually sell out!


Joseph Joseph Nest Plastic Food Storage Containers

$28 (was $42),

Never lose a lid again with these stackable food containers. Their aesthetic appeal, along with their functional nest design, will brighten up and tidy up your cabinets. The colors will look pretty in your fridge, too.


DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Pan Organizer Shelf Rack

$17 (was $25),

Quit with the pan-balancing act (the one that inevitably leads to an avalanche of skillets once a week) and pick up this organizing shelf. When used vertically, it can fit up to five pans while taking up the space of one.


House Day Black Magic Hangers

$12 (was $17),

The name says it all: These space-saving gizmos will transform your closet so seamlessly, you'll think they're magic. Each organizer holds up to five traditional hangers at once and folds downward to take up as little space as possible. A 10-pack is just $12 today, so getting enough to handle every hanger in your closet could cost less than $50, depending on how much you've got hanging.


iSpecle Dish Drying Rack

$28 with coupon (was $55),

If you don't have a dishwasher or find yourself towel-drying a lot of hand wash-only pieces, it's time to invest in a drying rack that won't clutter up your sink. This two-tiered model comes with specific spots for cutlery, knives, and cutting boards, and it can blend in with the rest of your appliances thanks to its stainless steel finish. 


Kincmax Shower Caddy

$18 with lightning deal (was $30),

Amazon's best-selling shower caddy requires no tools to mount onto your shower's walls, so long as it's smooth and dry. The 12.6-inch wide holder comes with four removable hooks for things like loofahs and scrubbing brushes. Plus, it's completely rust-proof, according to the brand. 


Utopia Home Pantry Organizers

$30 for a set of 8 (was $36),

Lacking fridge drawer space? No problem. This set of eight organizers functions the same way. Plus, the drawers are slim and can fit into compact spaces. Outside of the fridge, you can place them in pantries to keep similar ingredients in one easy-to-find spot. 


Lifewit Collapsible Laundry Hamper

$14 with lightning deal (was $26),

Hauling dirty clothes to the washing machine is no easy feat, but this hamper with handles makes the commute a bit easier. It's flexible and doesn't weigh more than a pound itself. When it's not in use, fold it up and stick it under the bed or in the corner of a closet to save space.


Seropy Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

$10 (was $17),

If a stand-alone dish rack takes up too much vital countertop space, consider this roll-up alternative instead. When not in use, it can be placed in drawers or on shelves without taking up more than a few inches, and when you do use it, place the rack over one side of the sink and top it with wet dishes face-down. 


Nifty Coffee Pod Carousel

$21 (was $30),

K-cups are convenient and practical, but when you've got dozens of them spread throughout the kitchen, they're more of a nuisance than anything else. Keep all of your favorite blends together with a rotating organizer that can fit up to 36 pods. It's good-looking enough to keep on the counter, but it could also easily tuck away in a cabinet.


Pamano 4-Tier Jewelry Holder

$22 (was $27),

Finally: a jewelry organizer as pretty as the accessories themselves. The Pamano stand is a ring organizer, necklace rack, earring hanger, and watch display all in one. The soft white color and wooden accents make for a fashionable addition to any dresser or vanity. 

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