I'm a Hot Sleeper, but These New Linen Sheets Make Sweaty Nights a Thing of the Past

Goodbye, night sweats.

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Baloo Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set
Photo: balooliving.com

I'm a hot sleeper to begin with, but when you add a partner and two cats to the mix, our bed quickly devolves into an insufferable inferno at nighttime. For the better part of three years, I've searched for the perfect pair of cooling sheets. I've come close once or twice, but after a few months became rather unsatisfied with the sets I thought would be my lifelong faves.

That is, until Baloo Living sent me its Stonewashed Linen Sheet Sets to test. Known for its weighted blankets—which I can vouch are worth every penny—Baloo Living recently launched a collection of French linen sheets made for hot and cool sleepers alike.

Admittedly, I was skeptical of the Baloo Living sheets (I've had my heart broken one too many times by promises of cool nights), but the first time I slept on them I knew these were different. Not only are they surprisingly breathable, they have a sort of luxurious feel that is both soft and structured. Plus, the fitted sheet is not as loose as others I've tried, which helps keep my foam mattress topper firmly in place—my last set of sheets was super loose and the extra fabric draped over the side of my bed.

Baloo Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set

To buy: $279, balooliving.com.

Touted as "an heirloom-quality investment that will last for decades to come," I can only hope these stonewashed sheets last me a lifetime because I'm that in love with them. It's only been a few weeks and I'm already sleeping better. I no longer wake up in a hot sweat or feel the need to have my AC on full blast throughout the night.

The best part? They're meant to grow softer with every wash, something I've found true after washing them just two times so far. The sheet sets are also covered by a lifetime-quality guarantee for materials and workmanship, which is honestly an amazing perk given the near $300 price point.

Although the sheets have only been available for a few months, shoppers rave about the quality and durability of the five-star rated set. "I've had my Baloo sheets for a few weeks now, and they are the most comfortable sheets to sleep in," one customer wrote. "You don't overheat in them and you don't sweat at night."

With summer underway, these cozy linen sheets will make hot, sticky nights more bearable. Trust me.

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