Prime members will have to wait a little longer for their biggest shopping day of the year.

It’s been a year of pandemic, social distancing, and disruptions to daily life, and now another tradition can be added to the list of delayed events: Amazon Prime Day has been pushed until the fall. Prime Day, one of Amazon’s biggest shopping days of the year, has fallen in July in years past, but the coronavirus pandemic has led the event’s planners to push the annual day of deals.

According to The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Prime Day 2020 will still happen, just in the fall—likely September, according to WSJ, two months later than usual. Amazon typically waits until a few weeks prior to announce the official date for Prime Day, so the exact date in September is still unknown and Amazon has not confirmed the delay, but Prime members can expect that they won’t be seeing Amazon Prime deals that go far above and beyond the usual prices in July this year.

Amazon is known for its great prices and speedy shipping, particularly for Prime members, year-round, but Prime Day marks a special day where prices are even better than usual and Amazon devices, including the Echo smart home line, are available at steep discounts. Some Prime Day deals are open to all Amazon customers, but many are exclusive to Prime members. (An Amazon Prime membership starts at $13 per month, or $119 for a yearly subscription; student discounts are also available.)

Amazon Prime Day 2020 date - Prime Day moved to fall
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This year's coronavirus crisis has kept many people at home, wary of venturing out to brick-and-mortar stores. Many retail stores are closed, too—though stores in some areas are now reopening—so millions of people have turned to online shopping and retailers such as Amazon to get everything from toiletries and basic goods to home workout gear and furniture. Reports of shipping delays and backordered items are coming from all online retailers, so it’s no surprise that Amazon would want to wait until conditions improve to stage one of its biggest shopping events of the year.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is still happening: The date just might come a little later than usual. Savvy shoppers and Prime members can use the extra time to craft their shopping plan of attack, save up, and make room for everything they plan to order once September rolls around.