Pack of 5 Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes, Closet Organizer, Black Frame, Front Open,Purple

Description:Season is changing,too many things to manage?Here are our stackable shoes boxes/storage boxes for storage and collection. Ideal for shoes, socks, underwear, clothing, handbags, belts, scarves, tools, care products, office items and all the other little things in your wardrobe or desk!【Size】12.20×7.87×4.33inch.These great clear plastic boxes are brilliantly multifunctional and can be used all over the home; whether it be for shoe storage or office organisrilliantly multifunctional and can be used all over the home; whether it be for shoe storage or office organisation!【Efficient Storage】These shoes boxes keep your shoes visible while they are protected from dust. Round-shaped holed drawer pull for ventilation and convenient pull-off. Free from Mold! The best and safest storage option for you!【Stackable】Remarkable plastic constructions allow more stable and multi-layer construction (at least 5-8 layers) than other products. The individual boxes can also be firmly assembled.With multiple stacking option shoe box case,such as stack to the side or stack on top, interlocking system, easy-access flap.【Make Life Easier】Storage boxes save your day from annoying, time-consuming searching. Everything become easier and quicker to find with these storage boxes, so that you no longer have to rummage through piles of shoe boxes on the floor.【Package】These boxes come flat-packed so all you have to do is support them up and assemble them together.Pack of 5 clear plastic shoe cases per parcel.Specification:Colour:Purple,Black,Pink(Optional)Dimension: 31 x 20 x 11 cm / 12.20×7.87×4.33inch (L x W x H)Package Included:5×clear plastic shoe cases read more