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8 Handbag Designers You Should Know About

A purse holds daily essentials, keeps personal items secure, and is the finishing touch that completes any outfit. With styles ranging from trendy to timeless, there’s a handbag that works for every lifestyle and every fashion preference. While there are endless brands creating high-quality and high-fashion purses, these eight designer brands are standing out from the crowd with rich histories and high-quality, must-have handbags you need asap.

Women in jeans with pale pink clutch

Michael Kors Handbags

A designer fashion brand with a collection featuring everything from clothing to accessories to shoes to fragrances, Michael Kors has set itself apart with its ever popular handbags. Made from high-quality materials like 100% leather and suede, its best sellers include satchels, wristlets, crossbodys, and shoulder bags. The sleek MK logo is well-known on products from the company founded by American designer Michael Kors in 1981. If you treat yourself to a bag from this highly-esteemed brand, be sure to check out its line of cleaning and maintenance products to keep it in mint condition.

Kate Spade Handbags

Kate Spade was founded by fashion designer Kate Spade in 1993. With a career start in journalism as the senior fashion editor for Mademoiselle, her experience gave her the experience and the interest to start her own handbag company in 1993. Becoming a fashion star, the designer created bags with women in mind and saw immediate success. Her brand grew to incorporate even more than her popular handbags, including fashion pieces and collabs.

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Chanel Handbags

This classic fashion brand has been well-known in the fashion world since its start in 1910. Founded by French fashion designer and style icon Coco Chanel, the company produces timeless clothing items, accessories, and perfumes such as the famous “Chanel No. 5” that was launched in the 1920s and is still loved today. Known for their craftsmanship and high-quality material, as well as their functional and stylish designs, Chanel handbags are timeless pieces that have made their mark in history. Look at the 2.55 design, for example, which began its early stages of design and production in 1925 (but was not officially released until 1955) that is still loved by all and being sold by the company years later. This bag paved the way for handbag designs in the fashion industry and is still as popular as ever.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

With a history dating back to 1854, the ever-popular Louis Vuitton company was founded by a trunk-maker named Louis Vuitton. The young artisan moved to paris 17 years prior, at just 16-years-old, to become a trunk-master and started his own company after years of learning and working with a well-known French box-maker and packer. The company started out with sought-after trunks and later expanded into the fashion industry with bags, shoes, accessories, and more. Craftsmanship, quality, and the founders’ history are well-known characteristics of this brand, which can be seen through their products and practices—their bags are even still being made in the original workshop Vuitton started his company in.

Blue tote bag and navy blue clutch

Marc Jacobs Handbags

Marc Jacobs, designer and founder of his renowned self-named fashion label, began his fashion career with Louis Vuitton as the creative director and later started his own successful label in 1984. Offering Marc Jacobs perfume, makeup and beauty products, shoes, clothing, watches, handbags and more, this designer brand is known for classic pieces as well as trendy pieces. The company’s fanny packs, cosmetic bags, and athletic wear are worth a look. Interested in personalizing your handbag? This company also makes adorable bag charms to make yours your own.

Coach Handbags

Founded in 1941 in New York City, Coach began as a tiny family-owned leather wallet-making company and began its rise to success when purchased and transformed by Miles and Lillian Cahn. The company has since risen become a leader in the fashion industry with its leather handbags and accessories and is distinguished by its horse and coach logo signifying the company’s history. Noticeable for its signature “C” print used on select canvas items, this company’s popular purses like their hobo, carryall, shoulder, duffel bags, and crossbody bags-as well as their wallets and accessories-are highly sought-after.