Completely Customizable Jeans Actually Exist, Thanks to Levi's Future Finish

Take your jeans to the next level with Levi's new customizable Future Finish. From prints like leopard to back patches in bright colors, you can now design your denim any way you want.

Levi's Future Finish Customization

What Is Levi's Future Finish?

There's no debating that denim is a classic staple in most people's wardrobes. However, it can become difficult to create a unique look with the same pair of jeans time after time. If you're looking to take your simple denim look up a notch, you're in luck, because Levi's is set to launch a personalized new design feature. With an emphasis on reinventing the art of self-expression, this new design tool allows you to customize your denim however you like. You can choose between a variety of patterns, tints, shades, and patch colors—including bandana print, destructed wear, rose tint, and yellow—so that you can style your jeans to perfectly match your taste. Plus, the laser-powered technology that helps create the jeans lessens the amount of chemicals used in the finishing process, leading to a cleaner environment—eco-friendly and personalized fashion is an automatic yes from us!

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Summer weather is still here for a couple more months, so it's the perfect time to shop these distressed, high-rise shorts from Levi's that are customized with a rose tint. To enhance the bright colors of the season even more, try adding a unique neon accent, like a yellow or pink back patch, when you customize your design. Moving into chillier weather, you'll want to snag a pair of bandana-patterned skinny jeans to pair with all your favorite fall sweaters. With options to get bold and trendy or stay laidback and simple in your look, this innovative denim personalization technology will change your fashion game and become a huge asset to your wardrobe.