7 Blue Light Glasses That Make Staring at Screens All Day Easier on Your Eyes

Between computer screens at work and phone screens all the time, our eyes are subjected to blue light rays on a daily basis. This can lead to headaches, sore eyes, blurry vision, and more—but luckily, there's a solution. Meet Blokz, the blue-light blocking lenses from Zenni. Simply add them to any frames you choose starting at as little as $17—and for a limited time you can save 20 percent on your Blokz lenses by entering code: BLOKZ20 at checkout.

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Square multicolored frames from Zenni Optical photo

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Coral Square Glasses

Upgrade your basic boring frames in favor of these striking square ones. They combine the two-tone colorblocked trend with a classic tortoiseshell-like pattern for a result that's both modern and timeless. Simply add the Blokz option when choosing lenses to effectively block against harmful blue light.
To buy: From $16; zennioptical.com

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Rose gold rectangular glasses from Zenni Optical photo

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Rose Gold Rectangle Glasses

Show a bit of personality even in the most traditional workplace by wearing these glasses. They're practical but fun thanks to their rose gold color that gives them a bit of subtle flair. For as little as $16, you can get the frames plus an anti-scratch coating and UV protection—then simply add the Blokz upgrade to get blue light protection, too.
To buy: From $16; zennioptical.com

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Clear square-framed glasses from Zenni Optical photo

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Translucent Square Glasses

Translucent frames are one of the most enduring trends, and they're not going away any time soon. These square-framed glasses are accented in gold to differentiate them from the pack, but they won't overwhelm your face or outfit. Regardless of whether you pair them with leggings or a blazer, these everyday glasses will keep you stylish and protected no matter what the day brings.
To buy: From $26; zennioptical.com

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Round tortoiseshell glasses from Zenni Optical photo

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Tortoiseshell Round Glasses

If you adore a classic, vintage-inspired look, these glasses are perfect. They combine a traditional round frame with a timeless tortoiseshell pattern for a pair of glasses you'll want to keep in your rotation for years to come. And since you can customize them with Blokz blue light protection, they're updated to meet your current needs.
To buy: From $26; zennioptical.com

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Browline glasses with multicolored floral patterned frames from Zenni Optical photo

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Browline Glasses

Brighten up your everyday look with these cheeky patterned glasses. They feature a bright and colorful floral pattern on an otherwise simple design—so they won't overtake your face, but rather accentuate it. And since they come with the option of blue light protection that's perfect for the office, prepare for plenty of compliments from your coworkers.
To buy: From $20; zennioptical.com

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Brown cat eye glasses from Zenni Optical photo

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Brown Cat-Eye Glasses

Between their retro aesthetic and face-flattering shape, it's no surprise cat-eye glasses have been revered for decades. This pair feels fresh thanks to its neutral brown color, but still shows a bit of flair with its subtle design. And with the blue light protective lenses, these aren't your grandma's pair of cat-eye glasses.
To buy: From $16; zennioptical.com

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Multicolored square glasses from Zenni Optical photo

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Desert Square Glasses

Go bold or go home with these standout frames. They have a "desert" color scheme, complete with a mirage-like blend of sandy brown, sky blue, and light rose hues. They might not take the spot as your go-to glasses, but they're fun to pull out when you're feeling adventurous.
To buy: From $30; zennioptical.com

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