These $25 Blue Light Glasses Totally Changed My Life

Blue light glasses on a desk with paper and scissors

After wearing my blue light glasses for three months I can't imagine going to work without them.

Why I Love My Blue Light Glasses

As I'm sitting at my desk writing this review, I am indeed wearing my blue light-blocking glasses—and I feel great. A few months ago, that wouldn't have been the case. I would be rubbing my burning, dry eyes and taking pain killers in an attempt to get rid of my pounding headache. Staring at a screen all day—whether it's your phone, TV, or computer—strains the eyes, which can lead to symptoms of dry eye, cause headaches, and even affect your ability to fall asleep at night. I had heard about blue light glasses, but I didn't know if they truly worked or if I could pull off the style since I've never needed regular glasses or contacts. When I came across this surprisingly cute pair from Amazon, I knew this was my chance to try them out without breaking the bank. Little did I know this small purchase would make a huge difference in my life!

Five days after I placed my order, the glasses arrived in a neat box complete with a hardcover case, cleaning supplies, and a small tool for adjustments. I immediately tried them on and was super happy with how they looked. The round frames fit my face perfectly and the clear lenses didn't alter my 20/20 vision, other than adding a slight yellow tint. I took the glasses on and off as I scrolled through social media on my phone and I could definitely tell a difference.

The true test was wearing them to my full-time desk job where I look at a computer screen for eight hours a day. Lunch time rolled around and instead of dry eyes and the start of a headache, I felt just as good as when I started my day. I haven't had these symptoms since I bought these glasses and I've been recommending them to everyone I know. My co-worker ended up buying the exact same pair and loves them!

To Buy: $25;