The Echo Look Is the Best Gift I Received—Here's Why I Love It

Amazon Echo Look on red background

My Christmas wish came true—and early! I got the Amazon Echo Look, and it did not disappoint. Here's why I can't go back to life before this handy little smart home device.

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My Review of the Amazon Echo Look

A few months ago, I dropped a not-so-subtle hint about the Echo Look topping my Christmas List. I ended up receiving it as an early gift, so naturally I had to try it out and share my thoughts. To begin, this is my first smart home device, so the fact I can just ask, "Alexa, what's the weather?" every morning while I pick out my clothes was an immediate upgrade, but there are a lot of other reasons I love this virtual style assistant.

One of the best parts about the Echo Look is the video feature. I used to rely on the double-mirror trick to try and see the back of my outfit (or hairstyle). Now, I can take a quick 15-second video and view all angles. It also snaps a full-length picture, so I don't have to navigate my phone's reflection for any mirror selfies. My other favorite thing is the comparison feature called Style Check. It lets me submit two photos to stylists and get an opinion on which one looks better. It was a life-saver while I packed for my most recent family vacation!

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the setup was. Never having a smart home device before (and admittedly not being the most tech-savvy Millennial) I didn't know what to expect. The instructions were very clear, so I just downloaded both the Amazon Alexa and Echo Look apps, synced them to my Amazon account, plugged in the device and—voilà—it was ready to go. My only challenge was figuring out where to place it in my bedroom. My dresser was too short, so I set it on top of my grandmother's jewelry armoire. I tilted the device to make sure I had the right angle and took a few test shots. Once I had it in place I didn't have to mess with it again. I just stand a few feet away, say, "Alexa, take a photo," and it sends the image to my phone.

The Amazon Echo Look isn't something I would buy for myself, but it's a special present that I use every day. Sometimes when I get bored I even ask Alexa to tell me a joke. I never expected to love a smart home device, but the Echo Look is my personal stylist, photographer, and comedian—a gift that keeps on giving. And it may have convinced me to get the Amazon Echo Show, too—maybe I'll add it to my birthday list.

To Buy: $50 (usually $200);