CRAFTSMAN Collection - Sutakku - Wine Barrel Pendant Light, Black Chain

Handcrafted from retired Napa valley wine barrel staves in the heart of California wine country, our exquisite lighting collection will showcase your home or business with a rustic elegance unique to California wine culture. Available in a wide variety of designs and customizable options, our extensive yet singular collection is sure to be the most functional piece of art you own!The CRAFTSMAN Sutakku We took one of our Napa wine barrels and carefully cut it into stl piece of art you own!The CRAFTSMAN Sutakku We took one of our Napa wine barrels and carefully cut it into strips, then attached them to each other in a geometric pattern. It projects the light sideways and downwards and puts out fantastic shadows. The natural oak faces the bulb to enhance its warm glow for a truly delightful effect.The deep red of the staves, earned during years of wine production, really stands out and the wine barrel rings lend a wonderful design element. Reminiscent of a pagoda temple, The Stuakku produces wonderful light, delightful shadows and fabulous texture.The bulb inside (fully dimmable) puts out a lot of light so its perfect over a table or kitchen island. The effect is truly delightful – the warm light from the vintage style bulb really makes it stand out.I also have this in a larger size with 3,4 and 5 bulbs available.SOCKET: rated to 100W max, takes LED or incandescent bulbs and is fully dimmable.INCLUDES: fixture, 48" chain/cord or plain pendant cord, ceiling canopy plus all mounting hardware.DIMENSIONS: approx. 14"L x 14" diameter.MATERIAL: Retired Napa wine barrel staves.BULBS: takes regular LED or incandescent bulbs. Fully dimmable. BULBS NOT INCLUDED. Enjoy!It’s pretty amazing what happens in our shop. Thanks for visiting!MichaelAll our products are exquisitely handcrafted, using 100% recycled materials. They are singular creations that are not factory-made or mass produced. Our highly skilled artisans do their best to ensure that each item resembles the photos as closely as possible, however there may be very slight variations or natural imperfections in the materials which is what make each piece of a handmade product charming and unique.*All lighting products made by Wine Country Craftsman are of the highest quality and made with UL Listed parts from licensed electrical suppliers, however the light fixtures themselves are not UL Approved. read more