VONN Lighting

5" LED Pendant light, Industrial Lighting with LED Filament Bulb, Bronze

The use of clear glass in lighting was relatively rare until recently. It can only be assumed that this was largely due to the less-than-attractive appearance of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. But as vintage Edison bulbs have soared in popularity, clear glass has become the new chic as it allows the filament bulbs to be seen in all their glory. The Delphinus collection by VONN adopts this look, but with an LED twist: Supplied with each fixture are filament-stylhinus collection by VONN adopts this look, but with an LED twist: Supplied with each fixture are filament-style LED bulbs that look authentic to the popular tungsten filament bulb. The final result is a bit of a conversation piece… modern LED technology in an eye-catching vintage style.Product Features:• LED: Included with fixture is one VONN PearlPURE LED bulb• UNIQUE DESIGN: Vintage pendant with Filament-style PearlPURE LED bulb wrapped in clear glass• DIMMABLE: Full dimming, 0.01% to 100%, on standard dimmer switches• WARM WHITE: 2200 Kelvin color temperature, the same as vintage filament bulbs• PERIOD-AUTHENTIC: 230 lumens, roughly the same as one 20 watt filament bulb• EFFICIENCY: 4 watts total consumption, 0.004kWh• DRY LOCATION: UL listed and approved for dry locations (kitchen is okay)• VOLTAGE: Operates on standard 120 line voltage; a separate transformer is not requiredProduct Technologies and Benefits:• PEARLPURE™ DIODE ARRAYS: Brilliant, full-bodied warm white light with high color renderingProduct Specifications:• BULB TYPE: LED filament• SHADE DIAMETER: 5.13 inches• OVERALL HEIGHT: MIN: 11.81 inches, MAX: 78.35 inches• CANOPY DIMENSIONS: 5.51 inches x 5.51 inches• PRODUCT WEIGHT: 1.71 lbs. read more