VERSA GRIPPS PRO Authentic. The Best Training Accessory in the World MADE IN THE USA Outperforms Gloves Weight Lifting Straps Hooks

PERFECT CHOICE FOR THE SERIOUS LIFTER For Men & WomenEXTENDED GRIP LENGTH allows more of the grip to be wrapped around the bar for Maximum Hold, Security & Superior Strength. Locks your grip in place for complete control.EXCLUSIVE ?NON-SLIP? CUSTOM ENGINEERED MATERIAL Made Exclusively For VERSA GRIPPS USA. Our Scientifically Formulated Material remains durable & maintains a SUPERIOR GRIP throughout the life of the product.HYPOALLERGENIC, ANTIMICROBIAL & ANTIBACTERIAle & maintains a SUPERIOR GRIP throughout the life of the product.HYPOALLERGENIC, ANTIMICROBIAL & ANTIBACTERIAL Custom Engineered "Non-Slip" Material Made EXCLUSIVELY for VERSA GRIPPS USA.BUILT-IN ARCH SUPPORT offers CARPAL TUNNEL PROTECTION and PROTECTS HANDS FROM NERVE DAMAGE (Patent Pending) NEW!WIDE WRIST STRAP sewn with HIGH DENSITY FOAM and ADJUSTABLE HIGH-PERFORMING TRI-HOOK & TRI-LOOP CLOSURE. Keeps the wrist in a safe & supported position while training. EXCELLENT WRIST SUPPORTFEATURED ON FRONT COVERS OF TOP FITNESS MAGAZINES Proven & Used by Top Athletes, Celebrities & Professional Sports Teams Around the World.FUNNEL-SHAPED WIDE WRIST-SUPPORT evenly distributes the weight to rest at the base of the hand offering comfort & stability. PROMOTES HEALTHY CIRCULATION TO THE HANDS.MAXIMUM HAND PROTECTION FROM CALLUSES - Designed for Superior Strength, Durability & Double Reinforced ToughEXTRA HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL BUCKLEALL IN ONE for PULLING & PULLING Exercises to Optimize Any Fitness Routine. Proudly MADE IN THE USA with only the HIGHEST QUALITY Materials & UNMATCHED WORKMANSHIP.QUICK-RELEASE (Safety) FEATURE: The quick-release feature makes it safe & easy to release the weight bar during your workout to help prevent injury. By simply opening your hand, the bar is released.ONE HAND GRIP MOVEMENT:?The self-supporting palm-piece allows you to wrap both Versa Gripps independently around the bar simultaneously. This Innovative feature is especially valuable in any exercise requiring an overhead position.ATTENTION: TO RECEIVE THE CORRECT SIZE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO MEASURE YOUR WRIST CIRCUMFERENCEXSmall: 5 to 6 inch wrist Small: 6 to 7 inch wrist Reg/Large: 7 1/8 to 8 inch wrist XLarge: 8+inch wrist read more