35' Central Vacuum hose Kit with Power Head Hose and Tools designed for Electrolux Beam

Central Vacuum Kit by GV loaded with best electric head for carpets and tons of tools! This set comes complete with all its tools and the 3-way switch, and 2 year factory warranty. Designed to fit any Central Vacuum System, like Beam, Electrolux, Hayden, Nutone, Aggressor, AirVac, Eureka, Honeywell, Hoover, Royal and more. This kit is manufactured by GV and is not made by Electrolux, Aerus, Beam, Hayden, Nutone etc. All brand names and trademarks are the property ofis not made by Electrolux, Aerus, Beam, Hayden, Nutone etc. All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. As shown by the picture below it will fit all 2 pin direct connect systems and all pigtail systems (that uses a electrical cord that plugs into a wall). If your current system is not electric it will fit it as well. Unlike other systems the GV central vacuum kit is high quality and fits any central vacuum unit. 35 foot high end hose- (longer hose for those hard to reach places). This is the best central vacuum hose you can get. Unlike the other cheaper hoses being sold you can easily switch between both styles of connections (no tools needed). Also the hose quality and pump handle are built stronger. ETL certified as safe. Most central vacuum hoses wear out where the hose enters the pump part of the hose. The GV hose is specially reinforced so this does not happen. 3 way Electric switch on the hose allows you to have just straight suction from the hose or with a flick of your finger you can turn on the power head or turn everything off. Direct connect power nozzle wand - Save time while you vacuum. No more disconnecting and reconnecting the power nozzle cord each time you pull the hose out of the wand. Most other kits being sold do not use a Direct Connect wand like these kits do, this makes it very difficult to disconnect and reconnect the hose from the wand, because you have to also disconnect and reconnect the power nozzle cord. With the GV Direct connect wand, the power nozzle cord stays attached to the wand so you can disconnect and reconnect the hose from the wand as many times as you need, with no issues. High End Electric Power Nozzle with Height Adjustment- There are a lot of low end power nozzle's on the market (see Consumer Alert below) but this is NOT one of them. This is one of the best power nozzles for the money. It has 6 different levels of height adjustment so you can vacuum anything from hardwood or tile to thick plush carpet. The height adjustment is simple too (toe touch). It also comes with LED lights that light up any dark areas of the room and don't have to be replaced like normal bulbs. Also has viewing plate to see steel brushroll. Being able to see the brushroll lets you know when you need to clean string that might wrap around the brushroll. This not only gives you more power but makes the motor last years longer. This high end head by GV has a reset switch that lights up when the motor trips (designed to trip the motor off if you accidentally vacuum up a sock). Simply press the reset button after removing the sock and it starts up again. This power nozzle is designed to last many years to come. Deluxe Tools- These are the high end deluxe tools not the cheap ones. Tools included are Floor tool (this is the really good one that has a switch to go between hard floor surfaces like tile and hardwood AND throw rugs, very popular tool), crevice tool, upholstery tool (with slide off brushes), duster tool and tool caddy. The wand is the high end chrome one was is adjustable to different lengths (telescoping wand). It also comes with a large tool caddy (twice as big as picture shows) that can be hung in your closet AND the hose hanger that can be installed anywhere to hang up your hose when not in use. In stock and ready for same day shipping! 1 year bumper to bumper and 2 Year Power Nozzle Motor Warranty. read more